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Hump Day Q&A: Down to Business with Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews in pink

Brittany Andrews in pink

Here’s a little secret for you. I’ll often write that the interview subject took time out from their busy day to chat with me but usually I’m lying. These people aren’t that busy. When I say Brittany Andrews took time out of her busy schedule, however, I mean it.

This AVN Hall of Famer produced an independent film, “Crumble” starring Steven Bauer, which just recently made its world premiere at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. So many people showed up for the film that Andrews says it caused a riot and she’s got the bruise on her foot to prove it. In addition, the first trailer for “Trick of the Witch” a supernatural thriller that Andrews produced has just hit the internet. Oh yeah, she’s also making her long awaited return to the adult industry with the release of “Sex and the City: A XXX Parody.” The Milwaukee native who left the adult industry in 2008 because she says she was “seriously fucking bored … I was doing the same thing for 16 years” returns to play the role of Samantha.

Despite being very busy, I mean it this time, Brittany found time to chat with me about how porn is not like riding a bike, her unglamorous time as a normal person, the rise of the cougar and its effect on her sex life, the categories of men in her life and much more. And for even more Brittany Andrews; be sure to check out her website, follow her on Twitter, watch her on YouTube and add her on Facebook or MySpace.

You decided to retire and became a normal person for a while. What did you enjoy most about your time as a normal person? What did you miss?

I didn’t really enjoy much of anything about being a normal person. I have to say, there wasn’t much of anything that I liked about being a normal person, so I guess I’d say that I missed everything.

I left the adult business and I moved from LA to New York to go to school. I did two years of film school – one year of filmmaking and one year of producing. The first year I was in UGG boots and sweatpants shooting all over New York City, carrying lights and cameras and tripods, squishing in the back of vans. It was very non-glamorous. No glamour whatsoever. That’s just not me. My nature is to be kind of glamorous.

Second year was a little better. I wasn’t schlepping equipment throughout the city in the dead of winter. I was working on production. I could wear my heels.

The program I was taking was super intensive. They try to squeeze three years of school into two. So being a normal person was just a lot of work. Work, work, work. It really wasn’t all that fabulous.

You play Samantha in the new Sex and the City XXX Parody. Did you ever watch the show and think, “I could do this so much better”?

Absolutely not. I’m way more of a producer than I am an actress. I’m a much better producer or director than I am at acting but I suck cock well, so that makes me a decent porn star.

I have always related to the Samantha character. I love to have hot young boys and eat them up and spit them out. I’m known for doing that in my normal personal life amongst my friends.

It was funny because I really wasn’t planning on getting back into the adult business until next year. I didn’t want to be in something like “I Fuck My Mom Part 5” as my return movie. I figured, I’ll put together something, I’ll package myself and produce my own comeback movie. But I was thinking that would be next year. The director of this film contacted me and I didn’t know who him. He originally asked me to do his film, “Golden Girls.” I was like, “Dude I can’t have my comeback film be ‘Golden Girls.’”

I figured I insulted him and that would be the last I would hear of this director. Couple months later, he contacts me again. He says he has the perfect comeback role for me, “Sex and the City” as Samantha. It took me by surprise but I was like, “Yeah I’m definitely doing this.”

Was it like riding a bike? Could you just jump right back into doing porn? What was different?

The scenes are a lot more stringent on the body. The sex in adult films today and sex in adult films fifteen years ago are very different. They’re just more intense. You got to bring a lot more to the table. You can’t just relax and get fucked and be happy. You’ve got to have a lot of energy.

I see you have a project called “True Cougar Life.” In your opinion, where has the fascination with cougars come from?

I think for a while in porn it was one of those things where my type of look became really out of style. It wasn’t about big boob blond girls with tans anymore. It became more about the girl who was 18 with no boobs who was really skinny with a couple of tattoos. That’s what porn was about for a certain amount of time. That’s when I felt like there was a backlash. People wanted the big boob blonde girls again but all of them are old now so it became it MILF and cougar porn. That’s one aspect of it. I think it’s also a huge trend in pop culture and anytime when something becomes a part of pop culture more and more people are influenced by it. Thank you God! I’m so happy that MILFs and cougars became popular when I’m at this age. Thank you for saving my sex life. The majority of my fans who contact me are really young. I love it! I will eat these young boys alive.

You said you believe in open relationships. Is that something you lay out there from the start with a guy? What kind of reaction do you get from the guys?

It really kind of depends on what the relationship is. I have slaves, I have boy toys, I have fuck buddies and I have boyfriends. Amongst the different categories they have different reactions. Of course a boy toy understands it’s an open relationship. He knows you’re going to be fucking other boy toys, because that’s all he is – a toy. Slaves are just slaves. They don’t have a right to say anything. Fuck buddies, that’s the whole concept of being fuck buddies, right? So the only one that is going to really matter is the boyfriend. I’ve only picked one guy who wanted a monogamous relationship in the last 15 years of my life. That did not work well. The thing about it is, you just pick other individuals that are like minded. I tried to do something different and that didn’t go so well so I’m not doing that again. You have to find people who are ok with it, especially when you’re in the business.

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