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Look, seducing a woman does not have to be some silly, pre-set routine or a stupid set of gimmicks you picked up from some book. It?s more about knowing how to trigger her interest and making her feel like YOU are the man that she needs to experience things with.

It?s one thing to know how to get a woman?s attention. Any guy can get dressed up, and style his hair nicely to make women notice him. But that?s only one minor part of the game, and it?s far from the whole story. The ultimate goal is seduction.

The ability to seduce women is what separates wussies from real men. Showing your interest, flirting shamelessly, using body language: these are all ingredients that make the thrill of the hunt so fun.

So let?s look at the things that really matter when it comes to seducing women:

1.?Confidence ? It?s the most crucial thing you have to gain in order to be successful in the game of seduction. A

woman can tell just by instincts whether or not you are really a confident guy. That?s right, she can smell that shit 10,000 miles away ? it?s in her DNA. So don?t think too much about what to do, instead just relax and see what happens.

The most important advice: live in the moment. Enjoy what happens, not just the conversation with the girl, but the whole fun of having her around you. That?s when the seduction occurs … when you?re not looking for it. Control your emotions and simply go with the flow. When women see you?re calm, cool, collected and fun, that?s precisely when they’re turned on the most!

2.?Appearance ? When you get ready to go out to meet her, make sure you look and smell your best.?Believe me, you don?t have to be Brad Pitt to be successful with women. That?s right – for a woman looks are not as important as they are for us guys. Just make sure that your clothes look good and that you are well groomed and smell halfway decent. It will show you care and it will make them feel important.

3.?Body language ? Once again, women have a 6th sense when it comes to reading signs. They can read you like an open book. It doesn?t mean you have to be paranoid about it, instead just impose your presence. It?s really important to sit up straight and have your shoulders back. You want to convey confidence and control as much as you can. Make sure you always maintain eye contact and most importantly, smile.

4. Being ‘Cocky and Funny’ ? Throw in some sarcasm when talking to her.?This works best with women with distinguished social value who are not used to this type of approach.?It will set you apart. Be careful ? there is a limit to all of this: overdo it and they will be offended. Sense of humor is one of the top ways to attract women.? Make her laugh and half of your work is done.

5.??Make her feel sexual desire ? Seduction is not about trying to make her like you, it?s about being the guy that she cannot resist. So get to know the girl and tell her what you like about her. Then start talking sexually: make allusions, and sneak in comments about how good you are in bed. The first step towards having sex, is talking about it.

There is no magic pill. If you don?t know where to start and would like to install all of these traits into your neurology, check out the link below:

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