Top 5 Ways To Multiply Your Practice With Women

How to Practice Pickup

?Practice makes perfect.?

Picking up women isn?t a spectator sport. Let me just throw this out there for all the keyboard jockeys in Internet land. If you are trying to get better with women you have to be practicing. You have to be out there constantly meeting women to perfect the skill set.

Now that we?ve gotten that out of the way, here?s the REAL problem: we only have so many hours in the day to really focus on doing approaches. The secret is reducing the down time spent in between bars. We have to create systems that let women flow into our lives effortlessly.

So, to help you guys, I?ve come up with my top 5 ways to maximize the time you?ve allotted yourself to meeting women.

5. Facebook and Dating Websites

Let me make this really simple and short. Online game is the easiest thing in the world if you know what you?re doing and it is an incredibly low investment. It?s all about two simple things: 1) Set it, and 2) Forget it. Login in the morning, send off 10 messages and reap the rewards come dinnertime.

Boys, all that time you spend dinking around on the web could be spent multitasking your dating life. Wise up and create a system for effortless hookups.

4. Mixed Groups

The deadly mixed group. This is definitely one of the biggest hurdles for a lot of men to overcome. What if the guys want to kick your ass? Whatever will you do?!

Honestly, mixed sets can be the best practice you?ll ever get in a bar. I?ve always said that in order to be good with women you have to be good with people in general?and nothing hones that skill better than talking with a group of

girls AND guys. And yet every time I take clients out to the bar they tend to pass up these tremendous learning opportunities whenever they can.

You?re wasting a lot of time wandering around a city looking for strays instead of approaching the hard groups. Embrace the fear, do it anyways and you?ll get more practice!

3. Large Groups

Fuck, another tough crowd! Big groups seem so completely daunting especially when you toss in the fact that a lot of them will fall into the mixed group category as well.

I personally don?t understand why large groups are so scary to so many guys. I consider them great real estate for pulling single girls out of the club. Why? Well for one thing it?s easier for a group of people to lose track of a friend if it?s a bigger crowd. Smaller groups of girls tend to keep close track of each other and that can make pulling without a wing a face-palm heavy situation.

Secondly, there really isn?t such a thing as a large group. When was the last time you saw 8 people all talking to each other at once in a bar. It just doesn?t happen unless the group is trying to make a decision on logistics. Large groups always get carved into micro-groups of 2-4 people. The trick is leveraging this so that you enter the micro-group that your ?target? is in, that way the rest of the group can merge with another micro-group and no one gets left out and begins complaining.

Large groups are a gold mine. There is no reason why you should spend the time relocating between bars when there?s a perfectly good bachelorette party.

2. Day Game

Day game is by far the best way to learn how to pick up women. There are numerous reasons why I believe this but it boils down to that you can do it anywhere at any time and it?ll cost you nothing other than a few minutes. Can?t make it to the nightclub that night because you have to work bright and early? Save yourself the money on drinks and cover and the 3-hour bare minimum commitment, and just talk to the hottie at the grocery store on the way home.

I remember a cold winter night a couple years ago walking to the gym with my roommate and getting eyed down by this black haired bird with sex written all over her face. A quick 5-minute approach and a date later I had added another All Star to team Chris Orleans.

By learning a day game protocol you effectively open up the world outside of clubs and create thousands of opportunities to meet cooler, smarter and more refined women.

1. Mental Rehearsing and Visualization

One book everyone needs to read is ?Psycho-Cybernetics? by Maxwell Maltz. The reason why I mention this is it will open your eyes to practicing without leaving your living room.

All those hours at the end of the night that you go home alone and spend reflecting on what happened are ways in which, if you train yourself to be specific, you can analyze your habits and realign them with something more successful. This can throw a number of underlying issues onto autopilot allowing you to focus on more impactful elements such as logistics.

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