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Advanced College Pranks, Part 2

A few months ago I wrote up a piece called ?Advanced College Pranks? in which I listed off some clever ways to fool your buddies. Well if none of those were to your liking, or you wanted to try out some new ones, you?re in for a treat.

Digits Stealer

OK, so your buddy just got the number of a girl he likes. He?s super giddy about it. They are texting back and forth non-stop. You know, they?re flirting back-and-forth in very subtle ways but nothing too overt. Your boy stays by his phone all day always ready to open any text that might come from this very special girl.

It?s quite cute if you ask me, but someone needs to put an end to this madness; someone needs to show him a lesson for hanging on to every word a little too much.

This isn't one listed here, but it's still awesome

Next time your buddy is taking a shower, break into his room and get his phone. Find the number of this girl and change it to your number. Also make sure to delete your number from his phone book. Now when your buddy gets back from washing off, start sending him text messages. And by text messages, not little cute ones, but ones that are very sexual.

Whatever you do, the end goal should be to try to get your buddy to do something really pathetic. For example convince him that you?re willing to sleep with him if he does _______ (fill-in the blank).

I?ll let you take it from there.

Oh and one more thing, make sure you save the number of the girl in your phone before you create havoc. Your broheim will be extremely angry if he has to get the girl?s number again.

Wall to Wall

Here?s a project that you will need to do when your victim is out of town.

As soon as he leaves, break into his room and take a picture of everything. Make sure that you can figure out where every single piece of furniture in the room goes.

Then move everything out. Afterwards head to Lowe?s or Home Depot and purchase a bright neon paint. I would say bright pink, but feel free to get creative. Now, go ahead and coat all the walls with the bright pink paint. For some added pizzazz, throw handfuls of glitter on the walls while the paint is drying.

Once the walls are dry, move all the furniture back to precisely the same place as it was when your victim left for the weekend. He?s in for one hell of a surprise.

Your Admissions Have Been Deferred

This prank doesn?t always work, but if it does go smoothly, it makes for a great story.

So you have a friend who scored a 171 on his LSATs and worked his ass off for a 3.9 GPA. He has all his law school applications out and is eagerly waiting to hear back. Up to this point, he has done everything by the book.

Time to screw with him a bit. Do some background research and find a time when your buddy cannot pick up the phone so you can leave a voicemail.

Then grab a phone that has a number that isn?t saved in your friends phone book (worse comes to worse, you can block your phone). Once you get the cue to leave a voicemail leave the following message while obviously making changes accounting for the specifics of your friend?s situation.

?Hi there. My name is Scott Mitchell. I?m calling from the Columbia admissions office. I?m calling to inform you that we have your application on file, but you do not have the required classwork to be admitted here. It says here that you have two incompletes during your sophomore year. We can defer your application to next year if you would like. Please gives us a call back at your earliest convenience.?

It should go without saying that the ?admissions counselor? should have a voice that is unrecognizable to your friend.

If all goes to plan, your buddy will frantically be calling the admissions office trying to find out what in the world is wrong with the application. When he hears back that his application is still under review, it will slowly dawn on him that he was punk?d.

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