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Hump Day Q&A: We Love Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes on some rocks

Lupe Fuentes on some rocks

You cannot escape Lupe Fuentes. Even if you wanted to (and why would you?) you couldn’t avoid the sexy Spaniard whose voice can be heard saying things like “I love pooosey” on a daily basis on The Howard Stern Show. Ever since Lupe lit it up on her very first appearance on the legendary radio show, the 4’9 star has become a giant in the adult industry. I was fortunate enough to exchanged emails with Lupe, star of the upcoming film, “Super Pooosey.” Among the topics we covered were dirty, nasty sex with Adriana Lima, taking the stand for one of her fans, fantasies she’s yet to fulfill and much more.

What is the best advantage of being your size?

I think being so small makes me very different and this is the secret of being unique is to be different. Many people have fantasies about a girl so small, so petite, so young and feminine, that I get so much attention. I can wear all the smallest sized clothes and shoes, and I can fit into very small places. Of course, the most special part of my body is also very small, you do the math.

You took the stand for one of your fans. Would you say that is the greatest favor an adult film star has ever done for a fan?

I don’t know what other stars have done, but I know that Carlos was facing 25 years to life in prison. Maybe if another pornstar gave a guy her kidney, this would be similar! I love my fans… they built my career!

What can you tell us about “Super Pooosey”?

I have started my own mainstream film studio, Valley Heat Productions, with my boyfriend Evan Seinfeld and some very talented film makers. “Super Pooosey” is the first project that we are working on, and there are so many possibilities. Director Maro Villa had an amazing vision to make me into an action hero, sexy, fun and kitchy. I feel as though the movie makes me a kind of female “Machete” or something, mixing some Russ Meyer, Robert Rodriguez, and some Tarantino. People love hot chicks and violence and of course, laughter. I want to bring it all to them … Lupe style. The funniest part is that it started as a joke because I always say “my pooosey” and Howard Stern was making fun of me. Now it will live forever!

What’s been your greatest accomplishment?

I don’t feel like I have any one accomplishment that stands out. For me success is having the freedom to do what I want to every day. To grow as a sex symbol and to enjoy life.. I feel like my website (obviously NSFW) is a great accomplishment because it was a dream of mine to create this and now it is doing very well! Every morning I wake up and I can do whatever it is I think is important. This makes me proud.

Are you surprised at how popular you’ve become with the Howard Stern Show?

Well, the first time I went to the Howard Stern Show I didn’t know who Howard was or how big the show is because I am from Spain and in Spain the radio is not so important. I am amazed at how fast I have gotten so much more famous, since my appearances on the show. I mean, everywhere I go, people know who I am from the show and I am like “How is this possible?” People ask me to say things from the show, like “my poosey is like a machine” and other things!

You told Howard that Adriana Lima is your dream girl. What would you like to do with Adriana?

Part of me wants to really get to know her and spend time with her and another part of me just wants to have sex with her. Really hot and nasty sex. But more than actually doing anything with her, she is very motivating to me, as I work out, get dressed, do my makeup etc…

What’s the biggest difference between guys in Spain and American guys?

Guys in America definitely have bigger cocks.

When did you know that you enjoyed to be watched?

Since I was a young teenager, I knew I wanted to do porn. The idea of people watching me having sex really really turns me on, then and now!

What’s one fantasy you’ve yet to fulfill?

I am living out all my fantasies one day at a time, with my website, I shoot everything in the P.O.V. mode, so my fans can pretend they are fucking me. It is super hot. I want to have sex in so many exotic places outdoors and secret places, like on the beach, and in public. I already had sex on a plane and in an elevator. I can’t stop cumming this way.

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