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The 5 Fiction Books that Will Improve Your Skills with Women

How To Learn From The Masters

Oscar Wilde once said, ?Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes.? Anyone who?s seriously tried to improve his skills with women knows the truth in that quote. Often we learn the greatest lessons from our most humiliating mistakes.

Although, who wants to feel awkward, humiliated, and embarrassed? Is the sting of ?experience? really necessary to get better with women? Some men have searched for alternative ways to improve their skills with women without experience. They?re called keyboard jockeys.

As you probably know by now, there?s no ?quick fix? if you want to improve your attractiveness. There is, however, ways to accumulate some experience without having to make mistakes: read fiction.

As much as I?d like to turn this into my own ?Reading Rainbow? and exposit the benefits of reading great writers, I?ll assume you agree that living through the perspective of dynamic characters and situations can simulate the experience of experience. With that, here are 5 books I believe will improve your ?game? just by reading attentively?

The Suggestions

1.) Sabbath?s Theater by Philip Roth?In my opinion, the best living American writer and by far the most ?shameless? when it comes to sexuality and seduction. Roth is one of the rare writers who ?gets it? when it comes to pickup and seduction. In Sabbath?s Theater, Roth details the day-to-day existence of Mickey Sabbath?a sixty-four-year-old puppeteer who is piecing his sordid past together. How can you go wrong with a novel that opens, ?Either foreswear fucking other or the affair is over.? Read this novel as a case study into the mind of a compulsive seducer. While funny and entertaining, the book also paints a very realistic portrait of a man completely driven by his sexual desire?both cautionary and awesome.

And if you liked that, check Philip Roth?s other classic foray into sex, Portnoy?s Complaint

2.) The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera?In this philosophical novel, Kundera explores the lives of four people. What is unique about this book?and how it?ll help you better relate to women?is the theme of ?lightness.? One of the main characters?Tomas?is a lifelong seducer. Rather than moralizing sexual exploits, Kundera celebrates them as an acceptance and understanding of the body. (Not ironically, Tomas is also a surgeon.) The characters who are reserved and ashamed of their sexuality and bodies are portrayed as limited and ?weighed down? by their guilt. Unfortunately, a quick blurb on a website for men learning to meet women does this intellectual novel little justice; however, perhaps after reading it you can appreciate its inclusion on this list as Kundera?s light and easy-to-read style syncs perfectly with the theme of not taking life too seriously and living for the moment.

And if you liked that, check out Hermann Hesse?s Narcsissus and Goldmund?another excellent philosophical novel that explores a similar theme between a seducer and a religious devote.

3.) The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz?Again, this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is written by a writer who truly understands pickup and seduction. Junot Diaz masterfully writes characters who fall all over the spectrum?from guys who are awesome with women to guys who completely suck. In this novel, the protagonist is a fat nerd, Oscar Wao. The novel depicts his shortcomings and limiting mindsets in a way that?s funny and heartbreaking. In the end, his unattractive qualities and emotional instability contribute to his demise. So much can be learned just by sitting inside the head of such a character and painfully living through his mistakes with him.

And if you liked that, check out Jonathon Franzen?s The Corrections?a novel where a character?s inability to understand the opposite sex contributes to his misery and misfortune.

4.) Madam Bovary by Gustav Flaubert?A classic of French literature, this book is as haunting and real as it was back when it was published in the 19th Century. Flaubert?s protagonist, Emma Bovary, invites the reader into the mind of a woman tortured by her whimsical emotions and idealizations. The age-old question ?what women want? is explored in Flaubert?s classic work?unfortunately that exploration ends in disaster. Madam Bovary is worth reading outside of a classroom setting for its frighteningly accurate portrayal of seduction, infidelity, and emotional corruption. Find a fresh translation and you?ll understand women better in 300 or so pages.

And if you liked that, check out Stendhal?s The Red and the Black?another classic piece of French literature that depicts a character who is destroyed by idealization and seduction?but not without sharing some valuable insight in the process.

5.) The Robber Bride by Margret Atwood?In my opinion, one of the best living female writers?especially when writing about sexuality and woman?s perspectives?Margret Atwood creates a femme fetal protagonist, Zenia. The dark seductress steals husbands, manipulates men, and gets what she wants through her sexuality and by playing on men?s emotional weakness. If you?ve ever wondered how ?a hot chick thinks? there is no better explanation than The Robber Bride.

And if you liked that, check out Charles Bukowski?s Women?a perfect contrast to Atwood?s novel as it depicts a male protagonist who seduces women wantonly and without reason or motivation.

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