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Get Yourself Into A Good Mood

Pump Yourself Up

When you are going out anywhere to meet women, to have the best chance of success you need to be in a good state of mind. If you are in a good mood then you will feel better about yourself and will therefore more likely make a better impression on the women you meet.

They say laughter is infectious. Well I believe it?s the same with being in a good mood. If you are hanging around someone who is in a good mood or someone who is happy-go-lucky it can really rub off on you. It can make you feel really good.

However if you hang around someone who is miserable or in a bad mood then the same effect takes place. However this time, their bad mood rubs off on you. Suddenly you feel in bad mood which really is not good.

Now imagine you are out trying to meet and attract women. You are not in a great mood but you forced yourself to go out because you know you need to do it. You may think you are doing yourself good because at least you are giving it a go. As they say it?s better to be out there than stuck at home.

I agree with this. However, your chance of success doing this is hampered because of your state of mind. You don?t really wanna be out meeting women and this negative mood will affect the women you talk to. They will pick up on the fact that you don?t really wanna be out there talking to them and this will just make life much more difficult for you.

What Do You Do?

Well you should definitely go out whenever you have the chance. Like I said earlier, going out is better than staying in even if you don?t feel like it. However, with these tips below, you will be able to get yourself into a good mood a before going out and seriously increase your chance of success.

Go to the Gym

Working out is great for putting you in a good mood. Not only will you feel better because you know you are working towards a better body for yourself but it also releases endorphins which make you feel really good!

Watch Comedy

Laughter really is the best medicine. We all like a good laugh now and then. The great thing about comedy is it has two great benefits. Firstly, laughing releases chemicals in your brain which make you feel good. Also, it gives you things to use in your interactions. If you can make a girl laugh then you are onto a winner and watching comedy a lot will allow you to do that.

Do Something You Enjoy

For me, going for a blast on the motorbike gets me in a good mood (though not at the moment as I broke my collar bone when I got knocked off recently, but that?s another story). If there is something that you enjoy doing, then do it. If it gets you into a good mood then it can?t be a bad thing surely.

Watch Your Favorite Videos on YouTube

Watching your favorite videos on YouTube can make you feel good. Whether it?s comedy, inspirational, mind blowing or whatever, it really does not matter. These sorts of videos can get you into a great mindset and make you feel good before going out into and meeting women.

Listen to Music

Like watching your favorite videos, listening to music you like is great for putting you in an awesome mood. However you need to be careful about what you listen to. Songs that have negative lyrics can actually be detrimental to your mood. Make sure you listen to upbeat songs that make you feel really good.

There you have it. If you are going out to meet women sometime this week then give these tips a go. If none of these appeal to you then think about things that make you feel happy. I am sure all of you can find something out these that put you in a good mood. Once you find that thing, use it before going out and put yourself in a great mood. It really will increase your chances of success with women.


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