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Hump Day Q&A: From AUS to USA with Asha K.

Asha K. in blue

Asha K. in blue

This week, we’re talking to “This Week in Music” host Asha K. The insanely attractive Asha comes to us from a land down under where she hosted numerous lifestyle and entertainment shows on Australia’s major networks. The TV host and I chatted over email about her amazing accent, her time in the states, her best advice for men, her flirting style and much more. Additionally, you might be astounded by Asha’s ability to tell what kind of guy you are based on your taste in music. And if you don’t like music, well, she probably doesn’t like you. So go buy an iPod or something.

For more Asha K., who is also a Global Element Eden Advocate, follow her on Twitter.

You’re Indian by ethnicity, born in the UK, raised in Australia and now a permanent resident in the states for three years and counting. What brought you to the U.S.? What surprised you the most about the U.S.?

It was my career ambition that brought me to the states. I felt like I had accomplished everything I possibly could in Australian TV, worked for most major networks, nominated for a TV award, traveled around the world and went to all the major events and award shows. The next logical step was to move stateside for more opportunities, and along the way I was lucky enough to fall in love with the man of my dreams! And he became another huge reason why I couldn’t procrastinate my move any longer.

The thing that surprised me most about the US was how I adapted really quickly to the LA lifestyle, driving on the other side of the road, finding my fave burger joint (Jack in the Box Sourdough Jack late at night always does the trick!), and seeing how the Entertainment Industry here is just a bigger version of what I had in Sydney.

Along with being gorgeous you also have a beautiful voice. Have you been told that before? Do you think Americans are suckers for accents?

Why, thank you for the compliments! *blushes* I do get told quite often that I have a cool accent. The funny thing is I feel like I’ve lived here so long now, that I forget I’m actually a (legal) foreigner and that I sound different to the average Angeleno. I think most Americans are definitely suckers, they love to play guessing games as to where I am from. I think my brown skin and Aussie accent totally throw people off though! In TV land it seems to be a plus, I feel like audiences like to see and hear something different on TV. There are SO many different accents on various shows, which I love.

You’re the host of “This Week in Music.” How much can you tell about a man based on his taste in music?

To put it in a nutshell, a lot! To expand on that a little, here goes: I feel like you can tell a lot about a guy by the shirt he wears, his shoes, his job, his hobbies and music tastes. If a guy says he isn’t into music, avoid avoid avoid. Who doesn’t like music?!?

Guys who love Sublime, Slightly Stupid, Incubus etc, they are definitely native Californians, and most likely stoners.

Guys who love Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian, David Bowie, Cat Power etc are usually cool and eclectic and lots of fun, but watch out for the really critical attitude about a band’s new album. These guys will pay to see a lot of live shows.

Guys who are into Metallica, The Sword, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, The Deftones, Rise Against etc. are guys who love to rock! That’s my type of guy. They are serious about their music, and they have a great love for life, because a lot of these bands talk about serious issues that are meaningful to these guys.

Then there are the techno/dance/electronica guys. These guys will always be fun in a club, they may even fist pump! But watch out for nasty drug habits, creepers etc. You can tell the ‘serious’ techno guys who listen to it out of a club setting.

Guys who like mainstream music from Gaga, to Green Day can usually be chameleons. They fit in with most people and have an open mind when it comes to new music.

Lastly, guys who like Reggae/Rasta music are always pretty cool and chilled. These are the kind of guys you want to hang out with at a music festival, grab a late night munchie, and play video games with.

Obviously there are so many other genres, but these are a few observations I’ve made over the years as a Music Host!

Which music artist would you love to interview? Why?

Chris Cornell. I’m a HUGE Soundgarden, Audioslave and solo Chris Cornell fan. He has such an amazing voice and all his bands have been unreal. The other one would be Serj Tankian. He is a phenomenal lyricist, vocalist and producer. I see how he experiments with different musical sounds, such as playing with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra and he is passionate about political issues. I secretly harbor an ambition to be a backing vocalist with one of these guys on tour just for one year. Just so I can cross it off my bucket list.

You say you’re a “self confessed tomboy.” Please explain what makes you such a tomboy.

A few things. I love sports. I am a huge soccer fan, Manchester United are my boys for life. The day they won the treble (FA Cup title, Premier League titles, and Champions League title) in 2000 was one of the best days of my life! They are such an awesome team. I also love tennis. It sounds so nerdy, but once you start watching that yellow fuzzy ball get hit back and forth across a court, you are hooked! I love Formula 1 racing too, it would be so rad to drive one of those cars one day. Moto GP racing is also fun to watch, Valentino Rossi is so good, and has been for so many years!

And although I didn’t think it would happen, I’m really starting to like American Football. Watching the Giants play the Colts about a month ago (aka, ‘Manning Bowl’) I thought it was really cool. Especially since every second play is either married to a celebrity, has their own reality show, or a sex tape scandal. See, there’s something for everyone in football!

Besides all that, I’ve always hung out with guys my entire life, sometimes I feel it’s easier to do that than with girls who a lot of the time have hidden agendas.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given a guy friend about dating?

Well I seem to do this a lot lately. The best advice I’ve given would be to not try and be a ‘hero.’ Don’t talk yourself up, let your own personality and body language do the talking. Don’t ever force anything. Don’t take her somewhere ridiculously expensive on a first

You’ve also called yourself a “huge flirt.” How would you describe your flirting style?

Haha, if I told you I’d have to kill you! I’ll be giving away all my secrets! Well, The easy way to describe it would be flirting, and the more in depth way to describe it is that I can read people very well. It’s like a game to me. I figure out who the person is, read what they respond to and see how they react to certain things, and then converse accordingly. I guess I’m also a pretty easy going person too, low maintenance and that’s always a good thing. I’m also a little old fashioned in the sense I like a bit of mystery. Sluttiness and sleaziness is a huge turn off. With the emergence of Reality TV, everyone sees everyone’s business, so it’s nice to be a little different and it engages people!

Aside from my compliment about your voice, of course, what’s the greatest compliment you’ve ever received from a guy?

I once was told I looked like Sade. I think it was a certain look I was rocking. I often get compliments from guys, which is always flattering and good for the ego, but the Sade one was probably the best, especially since it wasn’t a come-on.

I was also told by my man when we first started dating that I was a true renaissance woman. I was juggling so many things such as babysitting friends’ kids, hosting my own show, going to events to promote various projects I was involved in, singing in my church choir (yep, I’ve been a church choir girl!) and organizing my work visa for the states. It was so nice to have a guy see me for more than just a pretty face and respect me for my hard work. Well it paid off for him, we’re still together!


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