Insta-Read: Beer/Food Pairings

There’s really no way to be coy about this: we love beer, it really doesn’t matter the type. Lagers, ciders, whatever — we live our life like the lyrics to Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumpin'”. However, our non-picky point of view when it comes to drinking has left us in a bit of a bind: we have no idea what beers to pair up with which foods. Luckily, the folks over at Men’s Health have put together an easy-to-read list to we can print out, laminate, and consult whenever we find ourselves in a classy many-optioned beer establishment.

The list comes with not only some possible pairings for your meal, but also some factoids for exactly why the pairing works so well, tidbits that will most surely impress your friends, until they get too obliterated to really hear the words you are speaking. For example, here’s the article’s take on what you should pair with pizza and mackarel:

Drink this: Pilsner, lager

Why it works: Structure. A dry, crisp beer with balanced hops can overcome strong flavors, like seasonings on pizza, or the oiliness of fish. Plus, the hops can scrub your taste-buds between bites, enhancing the flavor of both beer and food.

Health bonus: When steaks were soaked in pilsner for 6 hours before panfrying, a suspected carcinogen in the meat was reduced by as much as 88 percent, according to a Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study.

Turgeman’s pick:
Jever Pilsener

Also try: Stella Artois, Kronenbourg 1664

Makes sense to us! But, more importantly, it makes us want to go get a beer! Excuse us, folks. Happy hour is starting dramatically early today.

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