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Hump Day Q&A: Cynthia Popper is a Jaw Dropper

Cynthia Popper in pumps

Cynthia Popper in pumps

We’re talking about punctuation, Playboy, Pac-10 hotness and a plethora of other topics with Cynthia Popper, a model/actress, who has previously appeared on the pages of Mr. Hefner’s magazine. You’ll definitely want to hear what Cynthia, a sexy San Francisco Bay area resident who is also a freelance writer, thinks about girl-on-girl action and what it’s like to bring a super conservative mother of two to a party at the Playboy Mansion (body painting and rapper Too Short are involved).

Do you remember your first audition? What was it?

My very first theater audition was for “Grease” when I was fifteen and I was horrible … really bad … the director even scolded me. As far as professional work I started with modeling, not acting, and people usually approached me so there were no go-sees. My first real go-see was Playboy, years ago, which was scary and awesome at the same time.

You’re an accomplished corporate actor. Has any of your work ever earned you some free stuff, if so what was your favorite?

Usually it’s clothes, although when I worked in TV I did get a lot of tech gadgets, mp3 players and speakers and stuff. Travel to cool locations is always nice.

I’ve been to San Francisco twice but never for more than a day. If I had a weekend in San Fran, what would you suggest I do?

Go Vegan one day and eat at Greens — one of the best (but not the fanciest) restaurants in the city. Rent a bike and ride over the bridge to Sausalito. Stand in line for an hour and eat seafood at Swan’s. Listen to an amazing local band like Sweet Chariot at the Make Out Room in the Mission. Eat from a taco truck in the Mission. Walk down Sutter Street and check out the cool galleries. Go to Kabuki Spa for a Japanese bath and massage. Check out the cool vintage on Haight Street. Oh! And eat ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery in the Mission. Burnt Carmel and Lavender are both good.

You said you enjoy traveling the globe. What’s one destination that surprised you the most? Where would you like to travel to next?

India really blew me away. I didn’t know what to expect but the experience exalted my gratitude immensely. Americans live very well — even broke Americans — by comparison. It’s good to remember that.  I’m going to Austria next month and I absolutely cannot wait. I wish I was leaving tomorrow!

You’re also a writer. Can you tell a lot about a guy based on the way he writes?

I think so, yes. You can tell how genuine someone is by the way he writes, especially if he is talking about himself. I can detect bullshit by how a guy punctuates. Or if he uses LOL. I can’t date anyone that uses LOL in email. Or OMG… both are total deal-breakers.

If you could go out on a date with any male writer living or dead, who would it be?

You’re kind of presumptuous by saying male writers, aren’t you? What if I wanted to take Dorothy Parker out for a cocktail? I would go out with Edgar Allan Poe, but I’m writing a book about Poe so it’s kind of an obvious choice. An actual date with a living writer? Richard Dawkins, though he might be a little old for me. Crazy-smart writers make me unreasonably happy.

What catches your eye first on a guy?

The way he looks at me. Then his smile. Then how he’s put together. I tend towards the scruffy-looking, roguish type – you know, unshaven, masculine. If there’s a connection and it all feels genuine and honest he has my attention. If he’s too pretty or slick I won’t even see him.

What’s one thing guys lie about that you wish that they didn’t?

Why do guys lie about stupid stuff? My ex-boyfriend used to lie to me about playing video games. He played secretly for years because he thought I would think he was a geek. That’s so silly. I like video games too!

What are your thoughts/feelings on girl-on-girl action?

Ha! Nice question. If two people — regardless of gender – are into each other I say go for it. But if it’s just for the entertainment of men it’s a bit boring and most guys I know do too (or at least that’s what they tell me!). I think that when it comes to romance/sex/whatever’s in-between, it’s about what makes you happy, right?

What’s the greatest benefit to having Playboy on your resume?

For me it was getting a great agent. I feel very lucky to be able to do both the soccer mom stuff and the hottie-type stuff, and my agency makes that possible.

Does being in Playboy automatically get you into the mansion?

No way – I was so lucky to go!! They hired me to be a Painted Lady for the lingerie party one year, and I was shooting other stuff for them at the time. It was by far one of the best parties I’ve ever attended. I was allowed to bring one of my best friends – she’s a super conservative mother of two. After a couple of cocktails she got up on stage and rapped with Too Short and Kendra from the Girls Next Door. It’s one of my fondest memories. Beyond awesome.

Has anyone ever approached you out in public and said, ‘I saw you in Playboy’?

When the issue first dropped – yes, it happened a lot. When you do national print you don’t think about how many people see you – and Playboy is seen all over the world. I was getting photos of myself sent to me to sign from places like Geneva and Australia – pretty surreal.

You were featured in the girls of the Pac-10. The Pac-10 is now the Pac-12 with Utah and Colorado added to the conference. Any chance those schools can compete with original ten schools in terms of hot girls?

I can’t really comment on Pac-12 hotness but I will say I thought Arizona had the foxiest girls in my issue. Those chicks were crazy hot.

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