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Hump Day Q&A: Kimberly Fisher is Going Places

Kimberly Fisher in bathing suit

Kimberly Fisher in bathing suit

Kimberly Fisher may be incredibly easy on the eyes, but she’s also ridiculously difficult to put a label on. Among many things, Kimberly is an actress/model/author/travel writer. I’d put together an entire list for you but that would take way too long. Instead, I’ll just say go to her website, appropriately found at It’s got more pictures than we’ve got too, which is a big plus. Kimberly and I exchanged emails about her love of travel while the exotic beauty was fittingly taking in the sights and sounds of New York City.

After checking out your web site and your work, it’s safe to say you have a lot of job titles. What do say when someone casually asks “What do you do?”

I say whatever I happen to be doing the most of that week. This week, it seems to be “New York tourist.”

I did my research. You’re Chinese, Vietnamese, English and American Indian. Are you impressed? Because of your gorgeous and exotic look you probably get asked your ethnicity all the time. Is that a question you get tired of answering?

Depending on my skin tone, hair color (my real color is light brown!), where I am and what I am wearing, I get a little bit of everything. Some days it is Eastern European, others Spanish. The most common ones are Hawaiian and Filipino. I don’t blame people for asking, since it would be a hard one to ever guess…

You’re a travel writer whose writing has appeared in numerous locations. What’s the sexiest destination you’ve ever been to?

Sexiest place would have to be … Italy. Between the gorgeous scenery, amazing food and bottles of the best wine, Italy is definitely at the top of the list. Runner ups: French Polynesia, Belize and South of France.

Can you offer us a travel tip? When planning on a weekend getaway what is the most important thing a guy should look for in a hotel to ensure a weekend of a fun with his female travel companion?

A good travel tip: Don’t pack more than you can carry yourself. I spent one summer cursing my life when I had more than enough luggage and spent most of my time trying to figure out how to haul it in and out of trains, store it in small hotel rooms and shove it in miniature closets. Guys, make sure your companion is always comfortable. That seems to be the number one feedback I get from ladies after returning from a trip … that there was some situation or incident that made them feel uncomfortable.

What’s one thing you’ve never done on camera in your acting or modeling career that you’d love to do?

I would love to host a travel series. Nothing would be better than traveling around the world exploring new places and things and documenting it the whole time.

You were in an episode of “Entourage” this past season. How does working on that set compare to some of your other work?

Entourage has been around so many seasons that they have worked out all the kinks and things that usually go wrong on other shows. The cast and crew really get along, and they take care of all of the day players and make them feel welcome. Everyone is fun and jokes around a lot.

You have a great deal of experience in promotional modeling and even wrote a book called “Promotional Modeling 101: How to Easily Succeed in Promotional Modeling.” What’s the best part of the job? Is being hit on by the nerdy trade show guys wearing their badges the worst part of the job? Or is being on your feet for an entire day worse?

I love meeting new people, so being hit on by nerdy guys definitely isn’t the worst part of the job. Besides, there is something sexy about a nerd. The best part of the job is meeting new people and always learning about new products, most of the time way before they are actually available to the public. The worst part could be the standing in heels for hours at a time!

Just to set the record straight. Do guys at trade shows have a shot with the promotional models?

Depends on the girl. One girl I know actually met her boyfriend at a tradeshow, Another has dated a few from the bigger shows like CES and COMDEX.

What’s one thing you wish every guy knew how to do?

Be a gentleman. Open doors. Walk on the side of the road closest to traffic.

When do you feel your sexiest?

Surprisingly, I feel my sexiest is a white T-shirt in bed with tousled, messy hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love being dolled up with 3 hours of hair and makeup, but right now the simple, au natural look is more for me!

What’s the best thing a guy can do to get and keep your attention?

Be smart. Be funny. Be yourself.

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