You Don’t Need A Smooth Line Online

Delete Those Pick-Up Lines

I have a lot of guys coming to me for online dating advice these days, and the #1 thing they are asking me for are SMOOTH LINES.

Pick-up lines have been out of vogue offline for sometime now, but for some reason, many guys still think that the way to pull women online is to use a couple of super smooth lines on them.

Now it would seem logical that specific well-crafted lines should work online. I mean when you are using online dating, a girl can?t see who you or any other guy actually IS, so some lines should just flat out work for all guys, right?

Unfortunately no, it?s not that simple, and there are 2 major reasons that some smooth cut and paste emails aren?t the best strategy to use online:

Who You Really Are Matters

Once a girl gets your email, no matter how slick, she will go check out your profile, look at all your pictures, and generally read the whole thing before she decides whether or not to get back to you. So if you don?t look like a cool datable guy in your profile she won’t write you back no matter what you write!

Different Girls Respond to Different Types of Guys and Different Approaches

Win her without the lines

Most of the cocky lines you hear about are tailored only for a specific type of girl. So, while these lines, combined with a tight profile can work to get the ball rolling with certain girls, they automatically put off a huge percentage of attractive women who you would probably like to date.

The best way to get more dates with hotter women online is to focus on having a profile that converts. Basically you want to put something up there that compels the women who look at it to write you, whether or not you have even emailed them first. This way, not only will the women you write to respond, but you will get women writing to you because they were just browsing around stumbled upon you.

I know this may come as a shock to you, but hot women browse for men online all the time. You may have heard that hot girls get so many emails a day that they never look for men themselves, but this has not been my experience what so ever. So, get a tight profile up there, and you?ll have women writing to you without needing to be particularly smooth at all in the emails that you send out.

In fact, I?m going to take this a step further, and assert that being smooth in your emails is actually counter-productive, and here?s why:

When you come up with something smooth to say to a chick in an email (or borrow a line you heard somewhere) she will read the fact that you are actively trying to be smooth with her, and online a woman’s bullshit detector is already cranked up.

She?s already getting hit on by a bunch of other dudes with smoothy-smooth little lines and all that amateurish negging bullshit. The way you stand out from that is to give it to her straight.

Put minimal effort into your email. A lot of times all I say is ?Hey? then I make a fairly lame comment about her profile and then I ask her if I can give her a call! What an email like this says is, ?I like you, but I don?t need to jump through hoops to date you, so what?s up?? And puts the ball in her court. Then she checks the profile, sees that it?s all good, thinks ?Whoa, cool guy, no bullshit, I should give him my number and see if he is the real deal.? And boom, done deal.

The real trick to online dating is in painting the right picture of who you are, and you just can?t do that with a smooth borrowed line.

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