How to Approach the Most Attractive Women

Settle For Nothing Less

There?s a huge misconception when it comes to meeting and dating women: the hottest women are the hardest to approach. This is simply not true. In my experience, the most beautiful women have been the most responsive. This is not because I?m especially good-looking or rich, or charming. It?s because I went for it, and I was honest.

Guy meeting hot girl

An exceptionally attractive woman lives in a strange reality. Every other woman she meets secretly hates her, and every man wants to sleep with her. And since most men are insecure about their own attractiveness they act fake in order to impress attractive women. So she has men acting fake, and women being fake.

It?s no wonder that the first thing hot women look for when they are approached is sincerity and authenticity ? honesty. I know this from personal experience, and through feedback I?ve gotten from women. The number one thing women tell me they first noticed about me is that I was very warm and I seemed ?real.? I was just being me.

Be Yourself

I know it?s hard to believe, but this is how you can separate yourself from all the other guys, especially with the hottest women. Again, hot women are so used to men acting fake and weird that by just being normal, honest, and friendly, you will look very impressive. After all, women don?t need a man to entertain them.

They need a strong leader who cares about them.

Women can tell when you are being inauthentic. It comes across in subtle ways ? evasive eye contact, talking too fast, trying too hard to be funny, standing with an awkward posture, etc. Another way men try to talk to hot women is by acting cocky, overly confident, to hide their insecurity and nervousness.

It?s interesting ? I?ve actually told women ? HOT women ? that I was nervous talking to them. And it actually seemed to relax them and make them more open to getting to know me. Why? Because I was being real, being honest, and remember ? that?s what the hottest women are looking for.? That?s what all women are looking for.

Be honest, be warm, take the lead. Even if you?re nervous. Because the number one regret all men have is that they didn?t go for that one beautiful girl.

If only they knew how easy it could be!

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