The Truth About Being a Player

What It Really Means

This article is for any guy who thinks he lives a player lifestyle or thinks he wants to live a player lifestyle.

See, what most guys don?t understand is that being a full-time player and having the lifestyle required to be a player, is something that 95% of them would never want anything to do with. Allow me to explain:

If you?ve ever had a girlfriend, you?ve probably been annoyed at some point by the fact that she calls you like four times a day, constantly wants to know what you?re doing, and shows up unexpectedly at your apartment for no other reason than she ?misses you.? Watching sports is relegated to a scheduled affair, hanging out with your buddies is now a privilege, and oh, by the way, you have a full-time job to hold down.

Not as easy as it looks

Now, multiply that by four and you get the life of a player.

First, let?s take the fact that the player is always chasing tail. This doesn?t sound like a lot of time and effort, but it is. That?s an extra 2-3 nights out each week, and time lost chasing a girl down at the bus stop or perusing online dating profiles each day.

Then you throw in the constant phone calls and texts. Many of them simultaneously and somehow, most of them when you least want to hear from them. This doesn?t even get into dates. But ?X? off 2-3 full nights a week for that (not to mention the money you?re spending).

And then of course when you sleep with the girl, you?re going to be up until 4am at least, you?re going to be dead-tired the next day, and half the time she?s going to sleep over so that kills anything you were going to do before noon the next day anyway.

But this really isn?t even getting to the real issue:


Imagine this, you?ve got a hot girl over and in your bed. All the sudden the phone rings and it?s another hot girl calling you wanting you to come over. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Now, imagine if the hot girl in your bed grabs you phone and says, ?Who?s that?? Yeah, not so awesome anymore.

Now imagine if that hot girl in your bed is throwing a fit about how you?re a pig and you never really cared about her, and fuck you for leading her on. Meanwhile, Hot Girl #2 is leaving an angry voicemail because you haven?t returned her calls in three days.

The life of a player, although full of copious amounts of sex, revolves around two things: putting up with drama and avoiding drama.

Here?s another hypothetical for you. Telling the same girl the same story twice because you can?t remember which girlfriends you told it to. And doing it enough times that she gets annoyed because she knows you don?t remember what you and her talk about. Or having to segregate your social life so that when you?re out with one girl, you don?t bump into the others.

This shit isn?t for amateurs.

So think twice before you fantasize about living that mack daddy player deluxe lifestyle that you see in movies or read about on websites. The honest truth is the player isn?t a player by choice, he?s a player because he can?t help himself. And to him, alone time is a little known luxury.

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