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Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist

Getting Rejected

Have you ever tired to approach a girl on the street? Have you ever been turned down?

I would imagine that if you answered ?yes? to the first question then there is a very high possibility that you answered ?yes? to the second also.

It was amazing how many times I approached girls in the early days only to hear something such as:

* ?Sorry can?t stop I gotta get back to work.?
* ?I really am too busy to talk.?
* ?I have a boyfriend.?

At first I thought it was because I was new to meeting women. That I was making mistakes and women were picking up on them.

It's happens to the best of us

The truth is I probably was doing something wrong in the early days and most of the responses I got were from mistakes I made. However soon I improved my skill-set when it came to meeting women and still had the same responses on certain occasions.

Untwist Your Knickers

I would often question why I was getting the response. Was I walking up to them badly, saying something stupid or just a combination of both? I would ask myself, ?What am I doing wrong??

It never occurred to me that some of these girls actually did have places to go and things to do. I was so self-absorbed with what I was doing that I didn?t stop to think they might have things to do themselves.

Imagine for a second you are walking down the street to go back to work. Suddenly someone you used to go to school with stops you and wants to catch up. Maybe it was an old friend of yours that you haven?t seen in a long time.

You wanna chat but you know you are gonna get a bollocking if you don?t get back to work on time. Therefore you say, ?I would love to chat, but I need to get back to work asap?.

It?s a genuine reason for not wanting to talk to him but he doesn?t know that. He may think you are fobbing him off because you don?t want chat at all.

It?s the Same Thing with Women

You have just approached a girl and she wants to talk to you but can?t. She needs to get back to work otherwise she is gonna get another bollocking. Therefore she says she can?t stop.

It may seem as though you have done something wrong and that she isn?t interested. However this may not always be the case. She may genuinely need to get back to work.

Biggest Problem

Continually beating yourself up and worrying about what you think you did wrong is a big problem if you haven’t actually done anything wrong.

You are looking for mistakes that you haven?t made just because you got a negative reaction. This could potentially unravel any improvements you have made. Therefore you need to make sure that you think of every possibility before you start looking for solutions.

It could be as simple as that: the girl you approached being too busy to talk to you.

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