Tweet Axe For Some Free Body Spray

Axe Clean Your Balls Campaign

Attention, beloved readers. We all know that you enjoy occasionally sticking Axe Body Spray in your smell-holes (that’s a new nickname for armpits I’m trying to work out, feel free to pass it on!), so we decided to take part in a new campaign that’ll get you some FREE AXE BODY SPRAY.

Simply follow the instructions below and get ready to win! It’s simple, it’s fun, and you may end up with some goddamn free body free. Why the hell wouldn’t you participate?

Calling all you dirty boys out there in Internetland: AXE is back with another round of its “Clean Your Balls” campaign, this time with a Prank Calls series, and they want YOU to get involved.

Over the next month, AXE wants to test your creativity (for prizes!), and it starts here: The one and only JenniewithAXE is going to be tweeting out statuses like this, the first of the competition:

Jennie with AXE's first tweet

The Campus Socialite and its partner sites will then repost so you can keep up with the competition.

Your Challenge:

Follow @AXE & tweet back with a more creative man part pun accompanied by the hashtag #1upJWA.

75 people who tweet back at her will be chosen at random throughout the week to win a free AXE detailer, so you can scrub every crevasse and make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your twig and berries are the cleanest around. The MOST creative man-part puns will be richly rewarded with even bigger prizes, like an AXE Holiday Gift Pack!

NOTE: Must not be vulgar or offensive! Clever tweets only!

Axe Detailer Set

Hey, everyone. TSB back here. So, as an example for you guys, we’re going to show you OUR response to Jennie’s first tweet:

TSB Twitter

Remember that Twitter only allows 140 characters, so get crackin’ boys! We want to see how creative you really are. And when you’re done with that, come back here and take a look at the first in a series of hilarious viral videos from AXE’s “Clean Your Balls” campaign.


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