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The Important of Safety

So in my last blog post, I spoke about the three types of women who go to night clubs, and how you can help maximize your chances of sleeping with them that very same night (SNL).

In this entry I will be showing you one of the ways that you can maximize your chances of sleeping with the girl the same night.

Let?s look at just one of the reasons she would say NO to sleeping with a guy she has just met!


Yep! Guys don?t think about this when they meet a woman and have the intention to sleep with her, but girls always consider the safety issue when they meet a guy who wants to take them back somewhere away from the safety of their friends and the venue.

Listen to Kezia, guys

So how can YOU get over this first hurdle, without saying to her ?Trust me, I?m not a weirdo? or any other useless statements like that.

Try and mention whilst in the comfort section of the interaction? something about your sister or female cousin. Even if it is just passing comment about her, such as how you look out for her, or how the girl you are talking to is a bit like her, etc.

Why does this work? It sounds completely illogical and rather ridiculous, but when a man demonstrates the fact that he is close/looks out for a female member of his family (especially a sister) then girls feel little more trust towards the guy.

Of course in reality whether a guy has sisters or female cousins make zero difference to whether he is trustworthy or not, the fact of the matter remains that this makes a positive psychological impact on women.

Describe Your Place

Another way to gain trust from a woman, and to prove to her that she will be safe in your company alone, is to describe your house/apartment to her in detail.

Let her visualize as clearly as she can, where you are actually going to be spending the night with her. This will make her feel more in control of what will be happening later as well as making her feel more comfortable.

Mention little details about your room, lounge etc whilst in the conversation. (Again, this sounds ridiculous ? but it really helps make her trust you more to go back with you.) Most guys make the mistake of using VERBAL logical reasoning with her.

Such as convincing her that he is a ?great? or/and ?trustworthy? guy that she can feel safe with. This usually does not work, as it comes across way too needy and actually can have the reverse effect of making the girl suspicious.

Remember this is only first hurdle, and to be honest, it?s the least important out of the others therefore it?s the easiest to fix.

To see more of Kezia watch her videos HERE. Or you can find out more about Kezia Noble at her website HERE.

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