How To Be A Master Flirt

Understanding How to Become a Flirt

Flirting is a much misunderstood concept. Women tend to naturally be quite good at flirting, but a lot of men just don?t get it, and thus miss a lot of opportunities to connect with women.

The reason for this is not that women are smarter than men. Men need a focus, a goal, with rules and terms. Flirting doesn?t really have a goal. It?s about a process of playing with each other. My job is to train guys to be master flirts. This requires that I give my clients a goal, so that they can use their masculine brains to flirt. So I give each client a goal, depending on his personality.

There is no definite goal.

One goal I give is to send a clear message with your eyes and face, but say something contradictory with your words. When talking to a woman you like, try saying with your eyes, ?I like you. I?m having fun with you.? But with your words, tease her and say, overall, ?I?m not so sure about you. You?ll have to prove yourself to me.?

Of course, you don?t literally say this, but the general tone of your voice and the questions you ask her should send this message. Here are some examples of things I?ve said in conversations (and remember, I?m saying all of this with a very warm, loving facial expression, and a lot of the time I?m using a sarcastic, playful tone).

?Uh oh. You?re not gonna start stalking me are you??

?Hmm. Nice try. You almost convinced me.?

?Your nose crinkles when you laugh ? it?s kinda cute, but you kinda look like Yoda!?

?You are so clumsy. I think you need a bib when you eat.?

?Wow. That just might have been the corniest joke I?ve ever heard.?

What Makes Flirting Exciting

It?s the contrast of approval and potential disapproval that makes flirting exciting. And yet, this contrast seems illogical to most guys, which is why they struggle to flirt. It?s like a push-pull, ?now I like you, now I don?t? dynamic and it?s very exciting to women. The best flirts I know are guys who naturally ?get it.? You can be one of these guys with a little practice.
When you see the reactions you?ll get when employing this technique, you will flirt every chance you get. And when you get a lot of practice, you?ll naturally get very good at it.

When talking to women, not only should you contrast your paralanguage with your actual words, it?s also good to touch, and to lock eyes longer than you normally would. This conveys that you are sexually interested in her, but at the same time, not totally ?sold? on her. Which leads me to the true point of flirting.

Flirting is about screening the other person, for romantic potential, but in a playful way. Because meeting the opposite sex is about having fun. At the same time, you have standards, and don?t just jump into bed with anyone. Playful screening ? keep her on her toes, but encourage her to try to win you over. When you understand this, you will be a master flirt!

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