The 9 Benefits of Good Style

It?s Your First Impression

In my years of experience in the game, I noticed that a lot of guys tend to neglect their outer appearance when learning to be good with women. This is a big mistake.

Style is one of the keys when it comes to attracting women. It builds confidence, makes approaches easier, and leads to quicker sex. Here are the 9 benefits you can expect from improving your style:

1. Better First Impressions

First impressions are lasting impressions, and people will initially judge you because of the way you look, because that?s the only thing they know about you. Having a better sense of style will help you to make better impressions. Perhaps more importantly, it will allow you to leave the impression that you want to leave.

2. Confidence

Be fashionable

There?s something about wearing a nice three-piece suit that fills you with confidence. Wearing nice clothes, and being confident in the way you look will help you be more confident in general, and confidence is one of the most attractive traits to women. And because you?re more confident, people will treat you better, which leads to a positive feedback loop that will help to boost your confidence in the long run.

3. Better Self-Image

How we look has a strong impact on our self-image. When we look like crap, we tend to feel like crap, and the opposite is also true. By learning how to look your best, you?ll feel much better about yourself and this in turn will get you into the right mood for meeting women.

4. Easier Approaches on Women

Women will make a snap judgment about you within the first few seconds of meeting you, so having a great sense of style will make approaches easier for you and give you a more favorable first impression. Don?t hate her for this, men do the same thing. It is part of the mating game. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

5. Approaches by Other People

By creating an attractive style and incorporating some of the style attraction switches we talk about later in the book, you will also have women coming up to speak to you (as well as other guys complimenting you), and you?ll be able to use your interesting clothing items as conversation pieces that help you build new relationships with new people.

6. Create Attraction Faster and Get Less Resistance

Your calls get returned more quickly, you can get physical much faster. She?s chasing you instead of the other way around, or you?re both pushing and pulling (ideal seduction situation).
If a girl is shy, she will put up less resistance towards you if you are smooth in your wardrobe and the way you come across as a man.

7. Create Positive Associations in a Very Short Amount of Time

Cleanliness, attention to detail, courtesy, high class: these are all things women and other people associate with a man who is dominantly stylish.

8. Getting Laid and Enjoying the Pleasures of Sex

Certain girls are automatically attracted to men that look a certain way. In every sample of a population, there are the rare 1-5% of women who are willing to sleep with you based on your style and sexual avatar. If you master your style AND you build a life where you are meeting regularly with new people, you will automatically attract these ?give-me? girls through superior style. Women want sex just as much as men. Like the hot cheerleader in high school every guy wanted, you can become that guy all the girls are attracted to.

9. Non Attraction-Related Benefits

When you look better, people treat you better. The way that someone treats a guy in an expensive looking suit is much different from how they treat someone wearing a T-shirt and baggy jeans. Studies have shown that height and style are correlated to salary and earnings over time. By learning the rules of style you will be able to take advantage of these differences and reap the benefits in all areas of your life, from friends and family, to women and business.

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