A Little Goes a Long Way

Not every workout session needs to be an all out, marathon training session in order to have benefit. In fact you can begin to see a difference in your weight and appearance by simply adding as much activity as you can throughout your day.

Don?t Leave Cleanup for the Maid

Babies can be lifted too!

Rather than avoiding chores around the house during the weekend, dive right in. Embrace activities like vacuuming, laundry, dishes, dusting and washing windows to help burn calories while there is nothing else going on. Use the time that you would normally spend sprawled out on the couch to get your living space in order and shed some excess fat. As an added bonus, the girls you bring home will be much more inclined to stay a bit longer in an environment that isn?t littered with trash, dirt and dust.

It isn?t just maintaining the inside of your house that can help burn extra calories either, performing chores in the great outdoors can also do wonders for helping you drop some excess weight. Activities like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, gardening or shoveling snow can provide excellent (and completely free) workouts.

Forget About the Drive Thru

This is actually excellent advice for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the majority of drive thrus that you will make your way through are connected to ?restaurants? that provide mostly greasy, high fat and high calorie food that will most certainly hinder your weight loss efforts. If these are the drive thrus that you are most often heading through, avoiding them altogether is probably your best bet.

If you regularly use the drive thru teller at the bank of hit the drive thru to get your morning coffee, you can help your weight loss cause by skipping those as well.? A better move would be to park your car, preferably in the spot that is the furthest from the building as possible, and taking a brisk stroll to cash your check or grab your beverage.

The more walking that you can add to your day, the more calories you?ll burn and just a few extra strolls per day can ultimately make a big difference in your weight loss efforts.

Get Up Often During the Day

There has bit quite a bit of talk lately about just how bad sitting for long periods can be for your overall health. Extended periods of sedentary activity have been linked to high levels of triglycerides, low levels of ?good? cholesterol and a larger waist size, which are all potential warning signs for potentially serious health conditions.

A more recent study conducted by Australian researchers has shown that you may be able to negate those potentially dangerous warning signs by simply taking regular breaks from sitting. The most notable difference between those who got up frequently from long term sedentary activities and those who didn?t appeared in the size of the subjects? waist. The subjects who got up from their chairs most frequently had a waist size that was up an inch and a half smaller than those who didn?t take breaks.

There isn?t much doubt that you?ll have success from your weight loss efforts if you can combine a sensible diet with regular exercise, but that isn?t where your quest for fat loss has to end. By adding as much movement as possible throughout the course of your day, even when the individual efforts seem reasonably small, you can make a big difference in progressing toward your goals. You can achieve your health and fitness goals much faster if you are willing to get up off your butt and get moving even when it isn?t time for your regularly scheduled workout.

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