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Four Most Common Ways Guys Kill Their Chances

With the Ladies

A good female friend of mine told me once that when a woman meets a man, she decides right away whether she would sleep with him or not. There are definitely instances where the man can change a ?no? to a ?yes,? but it?s rare. More often than not, she related, a man is a ?yes? but then screws it up when he opens his mouth.

Think about that. Women want to have sex just as much as men, and make flash decision based on how the man looks and carries himself. The irony is that men think they have to do something extra to make women want to have sex. This is simply not the case.

Don’t blow it

In my personal experience, the less I do, in terms of effort and literally how much I say, the easier my romantic interactions flow. This is because women are already sexual. I?m a healthy, intelligent guy with a good sense of style and I?m comfortable with my own body and personality. I also have a job I?m passionate about, and I?m generally a good guy. There really is no reason why a woman would NOT want to sleep with me if she feels comfortable and turned on. It?s only when I doubt my own attractiveness that I screw things up, and I see this pattern play out with other guys too. Let?s look at how guys typically sabotage their chances.

1. Talking Too Much

Most guys think they can talk their way into a woman?s panties. There is some truth to it, but not in the sense that the average guy understands. A way to use your words in an effective way is to be articulate, speak with passion, and to talk openly and comfortably about yourself without trying to impress the woman. Also, using sensual and visually descriptive language is great for turning women on. But most guys just blab about stuff they don?t care about, or waste their breath bragging or trying too hard to be funny.

2. Not Touching Enough

If you are really honest about why you are talking to a woman you find attractive, you?ll admit that it is her body that interests you. You want to touch her, pleasure her, and have her do the same to you. So if you are not touching a woman throughout the conversation, you are ignoring the very reason she caught your attention. You are essentially lying, to her and yourself. This doesn?t mean you should grope her, but you should touch her arm lightly after she makes a joke, or gently guide her by touching the small of her back as you walk. This shows that you are a sexual man, and you want to be sexual with her. Trust me, that?s a good message to send a woman.

3. Looking Cool or Tough

Other guys may be impressed by your tough act, but women are hyper-aware of ?acts.? If you look like you are trying too hard to present an image of any kind, she will lose respect for you, because you are not being yourself. Notice how all the tough guys stand on the edge of the dance floor and don?t talk to any girls. Don?t be that guy. Smile, talk to people, and have fun. If there?s one recommendation I can give to a guy to be more attractive instantly, it is, ?smile and have fun.?

4. Drinking Too Much

We?ve all been guilty of this, myself included. If you go out with friends, I actually recommend having a few drinks and getting loose. Unless you have absolutely no self-control, there is nothing wrong with getting a little crazy with your friends. But I also know how it feels to get that nice warm buzz, and how that feeling can trick you into thinking that if you drink even more, you?ll feel even better! Now women are just as guilty of getting drunk as guys are, but the most beautiful women rarely allow themselves to lose total control. If she perceives you as being more sloppy than she is, you?re in trouble. That glazed-over drunken stare, wobbly balance, and obnoxious behavior will, again, make her lose respect for you. And women can?t be aroused by guys they don?t respect.

Notice how I keep mentioning respect. As a man, you are bigger and stronger than most women. This in itself garners an element of respect from them. A woman wants a man who keeps his cool, keeps it real, and treats her with a nice balance of sexuality and care. These things come natural to you, and it?s only when you forget that you are made to turn women on that you screw them up!

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