Interview: Tony Laroche of Radical Inner Game

I recently had a chance to interview Tony Laroche, of Radical Inner Game.? I made him promise to share some of his breakthrough Inner Game strategies.

What do you think the biggest mistakes guys make trying to improve their ?inner game??

The biggest mistake one makes while trying to improve his inner game is concentrating on the persona not the self. In other words: concentrating on how they appear in the eyes of their friends, family, whatever, instead of focusing on making real changes on their personality that actually last.

Any real change starts within, acting cool and throwing ?smart? lines will only get you halfway. Reshaping limiting beliefs and managing your inner-voice are the essential things you need to change in order to nail your inner-game.

What inner game can do for you

What do guys need to know about self confidence in order to gain it?

If you would ask me to name the most important thing in the game of seduction this would be it: self-confidence. Unfortunately it isn?t a thing that can be taught over night, there?s no magic pill for it.

Self-confidence is a state of mind that allows you to achieve anything you truly desire; girls are no exception, just the sweet prize at the top. And you need to believe only one thing: if your mind wants one thing, with the right guidance, it will find a way to get it.

Once you understand that your core personality, moral principles, and strong values are what really matter, the way you will actually look, talk or act will be deeply be affected by it. The change starts from the inside and will shape each action you make.

What is the first step a guy should take to improve his inner game?

Getting over the crippling fear that is holding one back from even opening his mouth to speak is the first thing he should get over. If you can?t approach a woman, you?re pretty much guaranteed to fail at seducing them. We all have fears in our life. But seriously, how?s talking to a girl scarier than learning to swim or driving a car for the first time? Your mind deals with fear in the same way either if it?s walking through fire or kissing a girl for the first time.

So the next time your approach anxiety is crippling, feel that sensation fully in your body, and then ask yourself: What do I stand to gain by acting anyway? And what do I really stand to lose if I act anyway?”

How do self hypnosis, NLP, or other tools being taught fit into a strategy for improving confidence?

I know there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding hypnosis and NLP. Does it actually work? Do they produce long-lasting effects? Are these just flashy tricks? Luckily, we have science on our side. Both hypnosis and NLP are proven therapeutic medical tools for more then 40 years.

The human mind is very susceptible to suggestion and visualization, making hypnosis a very real option in reprogramming your inner beliefs and even for therapy intervention. NLP simply quiets down your internal critic, that chattering voice that keeps you from achieving so many things in life.

By using this natural way of programming beliefs into the deepest part of your mind, where instinct and automatic thinking and performance come from, you are able to effectively ?hardwire? yourself to perform better mentally and physically.

Tell us a little bit about your system.

I?m running the product Radical Inner Game. If you?re tired to go through yet more theories, canned lines and routines, this is probably the best product you can go for. It?ll slash your learning curve and gradually turn you into a natural.

Well, we simply took all the existing products on the market, reviewed them, distilled and boiled down their core ideas and beliefs and turned them into hypnotic suggestions. Plus you can find NLP and self-help techniques that will further strengthen your game.

Yep, there are shortcuts, things you can eliminate to shorten your learning curve and hypnosis is the perfect solution. This is why hypnosis is so powerful. It is short, automatic, effortless and delivers real results fast.

So if you?re worried about: building self confidence, destroying your inner fears, creating your own unique way in flirting with women. What better way in doing that then a simple, safe and straightforward method?

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