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The Best Apartment Decorating Tips

What Us Guys Need To Know

As a single man living on your own, chances are you don?t really give a lot of thought to home d?cor issues. However, since studies have shown that a person?s surroundings can impact their mental well-being and level of happiness, it can be worthwhile to at least spruce things up a bit. If you?d like to give your apartment a bit of an overhaul but aren?t sure where to start, check out these helpful decorating tips for men:

Great Furniture Choices

Kick-ass pad

Although comfort is probably at the top of your list when choosing furniture for your apartment, there are a few other key features you should keep in mind. If your apartment is a bit on the small side, it can be helpful to choose versatile furniture pieces that can do double-duty. For example, although you probably have no real need for a decorative daybed in your apartment, a well-designed futon can be a good choice. While a futon won?t take up any more space than your average sofa during the day, it can be indispensable if a friend needs a place to crash for the night. Full-height bookcases can offer a lot of storage options, while requiring very little floor space. If you like to kick back and rest your feet on an ottoman, why not choose one that has hidden storage space under the lid?

Decorating Styles

Although your own personal preferences should take precedence when choosing a decorating style for your apartment, it can also be helpful to look at things through a woman?s eyes. If your apartment strongly resembles a college dorm room or a sports den, chances are it won?t leave a great first impression on any women you meet. Of course, this doesn?t mean that your apartment has to look like something out of a decorating magazine. But, you should at least make sure that it is clean, relatively organized, and looks like an adult lives there. Try adding a few classy touches, such as a great piece of art or a collection of great books on the bookshelf.

Keeping your apartment neat and organized can also be a great way to enhance your mood and general mental outlook. Most people tend to become a bit stressed when they are surrounded by clutter, while they feel more efficient and powerful in an organized environment.

Lighting Choices

Good lighting can be very important, especially if your apartment doesn?t have a lot of windows. Studies have revealed that low levels of light can actually make people more unhappy and depressed. This is why some men (and women too, of course) get more ?down? during the short days of winter. To fix this problem, open your curtains and blinds whenever possible to let in more natural light. Place lamps and other light fixtures strategically, so that you?re sure to have light just where you need it most. It can also be helpful to use full-spectrum light bulbs whenever possible, since the light they provide is a better substitute for natural sunlight.

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