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The Top 10 Female Friendly Beverages To Stock Up On

Drinking and women. They go together like buffalo wings and an ice cold brewski. Heck, I?ve been mixing the two since the days of passing around a jug of stolen chianti.

I particularly enjoy having a drink with a young lady back at my place. Sipping on an adult beverage is a nice way to mellow out and groove on your lady?s?hotness for awhile as she succumbs to your charms. What could be finer than that?!

That?s why it never hurts to keep some female friendly beverages to offer to your date when the two of you inevitably end up back at your place.

Here?s my list of the top ten drinks chicks like:

1. White Wine

Make sure to have the right drinks

It seems like women almost universally love white wine. It?s so inoffensive and palatable. Personally I find it kinda boring, but it?s nice in the?summertime, and it pairs nicely with seafood. HA!?Oh, and if she doesn?t drink wine, throw some Sprite and a couple ice-cubes in there and you?ve got a wine cooler!

2. Cosmos

I don?t know if cosmos were this popular before ?Sex and The City? or what, but girls just can?t seem to get enough of them. And honestly I?ll drink them too,?they?re pretty good!?All you need is some vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreu, and a lime, chill it and put it in a cup. YUM! If you want to go all out get the Grey Goose orange?flavor vodka and a martini shaker. (And if you don?t want to buy all that stuff they make some pretty good premixed cosmo mix at Whole Food. Don?t ask me why?I know this!)

3. Peppermint Schnapps

Young women who like to party love taking shots! That?s why I like to keep a bottle of Dr McGilliculty Peppermint schnapps handy at all times. And it makes?a great breath freshener too.

4. Margaritas

It doesn?t need to be Cinco de Mayo to bust out the tequila and start squeezing some limes. They are great in the summer time, by the pool, etc. And let?s?not forget about tequila bodyshots. Who the fuck needs kino when you?ve got bodyshots?!

5. Scotch or Bourbon

It takes a special woman (like Stifler?s mom!) to enjoy a well aged scotch from the foggy Scottish highlands. But when you find her, you know it?s gonna be?on!

6. Espresso Martinis

This is kinda an interesting drink. I don?t know if you?ve ever tried it. I like it a lot because I love coffee. There are a lot of ingredients: vanilla or?espresso flavored vodka, baileys, kahlua, and some cold coffee if you?ve got it. So if you like coffee, give it a try you?ll love it.

7. Light Beer

Like white wine, light beer is an easy go to beverage to keep around the house. Almost everybody cool is down with light beer except beer snobs and?teetotalers.

8. Apple Martinis and Other Fruitiness

These are all just variations on cosmos. Take that bottle of vodka and mix it with whatever fruit flavored stuff you have lying around. Vitamin water, melted?popsicle, what ever you got just mix it in, she?ll think you are so creative!

9. Top Shelf Vodka

If your chick is straight gangster or a total alcoholic she?ll be in heaven with a frosty glass of thick ice cold Chopin Potato vodka from the coldest part?of your freezer. Drop an olive in it if you like, or just take it straight to the dome in a chilled rocks glass.

10. Microbrews

Down to earth girls love beer, and that?s a good thing because so do I! Drinking beer can also make for a good date outside of the house and not just at?bars, but brewery tours, brewery/restaurants and beer festivals are all excellent places to get to know a girl you are interested in.

Of course there is no need to stock up on all of these things just to impress women. But it is very convenient to have a couple bottles of something at your?place to enjoy with the women you invite over.

And if you aren?t bringing as many women as you would like home, well then you better grab a copy of my Online Dating Playbook, and learn my easy methods!

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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