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Must-Read: Spotting a Fake Orgasmer!


Yankees fan, not tricked

Orgasm-fakers. They exist!

(Although not any of the women I’ve been with. Which isn’t to say that I’m really amazing in bed, it’s just that the women I’m with aren’t nice enough to fake it.) Are they a problem? Is it a bad thing? Who knows? I am not here to solve this debate. All I am here to do is provide the information to those who want it about the signs to look for if they wanted to know if an orgasm was being faked. And by “I,” I really mean, “the guys over at”

They’ve put together a pretty expansive little list of things to keep an eye on when in the throes of passion to determine whether or not the lady you’re with is trying to make you feel better with a faked orgasm. The best way to know if she’s faking, they say, is to know when she’s doing it for real. As such, here are the things to keep an eye on to show that she’s not faking:

• An increase in the pace of her breathing
• An increase in body temperature and heart rate
• A high state of tension in her muscles (hypertonicity)
• A tightening of the abdominal muscles
• A throbbing of her PC muscles and a general “bearing down” on the pelvic area

Go get ’em, boys

About Rick Mosely

Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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