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Take Away The Pressure

Look guys I have a big secret that I have to let you in on. Girls are freaks, and I mean freaks. They crave sex just as much as you do and are borderline desperate to find a guy that can turn them on and that they can really let go with. It is in their nature, even more so then ours. Seriously, have you ever watched porn? (Don?t lie.) Have you ever watched girls dance at a club? They have A LOT more fun with their bodies than we do. There is just one thing that holds them back and will separate you from their sexual side until you learn how to counter it: Social Pressure

Remove Social Pressure

Take away the pressure

What you must understand is that girls are sexual creatures. However after hundreds of years of having their sexual side viciously attacked by jealous men they have had to learn to depress it to save their reputations. Girls are constantly being judged for being sluts and treated differently based upon their sexual decisions. If a girl goes around sleeping with whoever she likes or acts like a porn star in bed she must constantly worry about her friends or futures lovers judging her as a slut.

Ironically, most men complain that they cannot get their girlfriend to do kinky things or act like a dirty nympho. Other times they will moan that while things are going well with a girl, she still will not sleep with him. Can you understand why? These girls are actively trying to protect there lady like demeanor because they do not want you to think they are trashy! The girl you have been dating probably would put out if she didn?t think you would think less of her. You girlfriend would probably do all that crazy stuff you day dream about if she knew that you would still view her the same way outside the bedroom. This is what we call girls bending to call social pressure.

Now, when you are picking up girls at a club or bar one of the biggest things that stop them from cutting lose and going home with you again is social pressure. Her friends, the people around her and your personal opinion all influence her decision. In all these situations I have mentioned the only thing you can control is your actions and opinion. By keeping your head free of judgment and treating a girl with respect regardless of how sexual she is you will actually notice that many girls will start to drastically get more sexual with you because they know they will not be judged.

So how do you apply this? Encourage your girlfriend to talk about her sexual side. When she mentions her sexual history take it in without judgment. Stop treating her like a little princess all the time when you are together and realize that she is a women and sometimes needs to be treated like wild sex crazed lunatic. You need to learn to start accepting women for what they are. People with normal sexual desires, just like you. Now, just be sure to understand sometimes might get more than you bargained for… Just from prior experience if she brings up robots or animals you may want to disregard this post and be just a wee bit judgmental!

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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About Alex Becker Alex Becker is a dating coach and writer with a huge knowledge base in PUA, psychology, and social dynamics. He currently spends most of his time focusing on teaching college aged men how to naturally improve their success with women. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, building websites, and his dog Chewbacca.

Eliminate Your Inner
"Nice Guy" & Pass Women's Secret Tests


This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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