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How to Pickup Models and Actresses

Most guys put models and actresses on a pedestal, as the pinnacle of achievement when it comes to dating. I have dated enough of these types of women to know that I?d actually prefer to meet normal women ? teachers, nurses, etc. But if you are looking for the picturesque type of woman, straight off the cover of Cosmo, then you?ll need to know a couple things.

1. Go Where They Are

They’re just like us!

In New York, models and actresses tend to hang out in certain areas, and at certain clubs. Find out what clubs and bars are near talent agencies in your town, and start to frequent those places. In NYC, Chelsea is where most of the modeling agencies are. Every time I go to that part of town, I see some really amazing women. Again, my taste is more for the ?around the way girl,? but if I were looking for a skinny, 6-foot-tall European looking model chick, I?d go to Chelsea.

2. Don?t be Impressed ? Relate

The odds are actually more in your favor, the hotter a girl is. Especially with models and actresses, because of how other men treat them. They are used to men worshipping and fawning all over them, or staring creepily but not saying anything, or being really obnoxious and aggressive. If you can just treat her like a normal person, without the game or bullshit, you will seem really different. So how do you act normal? Don?t be impressed with her. Be curious about her, and as she talks about herself, relate to her experience. If she talks about the stress of acting, because she has to perform for others, talk about how working in IT can be stressful because everyone expects you to know it all, and as soon as the system has trouble, everyone blames you. (Yes, you can work in IT and date models. I?ve had tons of clients make this their reality.)

3. Focus on Her Personality and Convey Standards

I recall meeting a famous model at the airport. I told a couple of my friends, and they got really excited, telling me that I ?had to sleep with her.? For them it was a trophy. But the more I talked to her, the less I liked her. Soon I decided I didn?t want to spend anymore time with her than I already had. It?s important not to compromise yourself just to sleep with a hot woman. If you have standards, and integrity (you stick to your standards), she will feel it.

A lot of times, models are used to men sucking up them and letting them get away with crappy behavior. Not you. If she makes a bad joke, or acts stuck up, make fun of her, subtly challenging her to step up. I call this ?appreciation-potential.? You are conveying that you could like her, if she can stop being fake and be real with you. This is POWERFUL, because no man does this with her.

4. Give Experiences, Not Money

Do not try to take her to an expensive restaurant or plan some elaborate date, just because she?s hot and in show-business. Instead, take her to a greasy spoon with great cheap food, a cool dive bar with pool tables, and a nice walk along the river or lake. Give her a relaxed, varied experience, as you and she get to know each other.

Commit this to memory: she?ll be impressed by the fact that you?re not trying to impress her. What she really wants is an authentic connection with a normal man.

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