Top Five Movies – Michelle Williams

When I started to make a list of five movies for Michelle Williams, I came to a realization ? Michelle doesn?t make happy movies. Her latest, ?Meek?s Cutoff? is about settlers in 1845 that get lost and have supplies running low and face death in the Oregon desert. This one is probably one of the cheerier movies of her last six years. Sure, Michelle starred in ?Dick? with Kirsten Dunst, but that?s over 12 years old now. (If you want to look at a cast of a movie that had quite a few big future stars, it also featured Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.) Still, unlike her heavier movies, ?Dick? was not a good movie.? So, without further ado, here?s a list of five fantastically awesome and pretty depressing movies starring Michelle.

5. Wendy and Lucy

The gorgeous Michelle Williams

In this film, Michelle plays a girl who has only a little money to make a trip to Alaska so that she can work, has her car break down, gets arrested for shoplifting and loses her dog while in jail. One a depressing scale of one to ten, with one being Elmo on Sesame Street and ten being the perfect country music song, this one is probably a six.

4. Brokeback Mountain

In this one, Michelle is part of a loveless marriage where her husband is at his happiest when he isn?t around her and she eventually divorces him because he loves another man. Depressing scale ? five.

3. Blue Valentine

In this one, we get to watch the marriage deteriorate during one last weekend together as Michelle and Ryan Gosling go from meeting in a nursing home, to having a kid together, to getting married, to settling for a life that neither dreamed of having. Depressing scale ? seven.

2. The Station Agent

Again, Michelle gets pregnant from a guy that isn?t the best at providing or doing anything and she actually has the most positive story as the other characters are getting run over by trains and attempting suicide. Depressing scale ? nine.

1. Synecdoche, New York

I?m not even going to attempt to describe this movie written and directed by Charlie Kaufmann except to say that the protagonist tries to get control over his own world by creating a world, and Michelle is a wife and ex-wife in that world. Depressing scale ? three.

Though I rated all of these on a depressing scale, I know that I loved all of them and all of Michelle?s performances in them, just so that you are not dissuaded from seeing them due to their depressing natures. Don?t believe me? Well, then see them because she enjoys being nude in at least two of them. I won?t tell you which two.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Michelle Williams top five?

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