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Social vs. Seductive (Rob Judge Interview, Part 2)

The difference is vital

This part two of our interview with Rob Judge from Date Hotter Girls.? Read part one here. In this article Rob goes further into some of the brand new concepts he teaches in his Advanced Dating Strategies course.

4. ?What is the difference between simply being a social fun guy… and being a seductive flirty guy?

Again, the key difference goes back to pride. There?s absolutely nothing wrong with bring a social fun guy?in fact, it?s a great way to be when going out to meet women. However, if guys ONLY act social and fun, they?re not ?playing to win??they?re playing to tie. A big problem I have with the ?pickup community? is that it over-emphasizes the social aspect of dating, allowing guys to use the excuse of ?being social? as a way to preserve their pride and never actually sexually escalate an interaction.

This was a problem I suffered through for a long time! I used to go out and make girls laugh and get their phone numbers, but I?d never date or have sex with any of them. It was really frustrating! It wasn?t until I started ?playing to win? (by getting over my pride) that I began to actually get sexual with these girls.

While the entire ?arousal? phase of ?The Advanced Dating Strategies? course details ways to get sexual (for the win), I can say this for now: much of sexual arousal depends on a man?s comfort with his own sexuality. You should feel completely comfortable talking to women about sex (in a respectful way) and touching them. If you have any hang-ups about this, get over it!

5. ?What are the big mistakes you see your students continue to make?

Isolation. Time-after-time, I see guys trying to attract women in front of all of her friends or in public places where everyone can see and hear. I often tell my live program students that ?the game? doesn?t even begin until you and a woman are one-on-one and have a little privacy.

Whenever I approach a woman, my first thought is ?how can I isolate this girl.? It can be as simple as moving 10 feet to somewhere ?quieter,? but I?m always trying to isolate in as little time as possible. If you?re a guy who?s having trouble with women, you have to ask yourself: how many women have you isolated lately? If you?re not isolating, you?re not playing to win.

6. ?What separates “Advanced Dating Strategies” from other programs out there?

Thoroughness and innovation. It took me an entire year to develop the coursework for ?The Advanced Dating Strategies? because I wanted to make sure every nuance of interacting with women was accounted for. Everything from when you spot a hot girl to when you take her home is covered in The Advanced Dating Strategies. Literally, it puts attraction and seduction on autopilot. All you need to do is enjoy the interaction and remember to apply the strategies.

Also, the way the course is delivered is completely unique. Rather than put the material in an eBook or even a video seminar, we deliver the material through multimedia channels?everything from interactive quizzes to PDF mission worksheets. I studied the way our live programs students were absorbing the information fastest, and then recreated that experience in multimedia modules so that we could simulate live coaching for guys all over the world.

In other words, if you have a desire to learn to become more successful with women, this course will be the best investment you ever make in this area. It?s simply my masterpiece.

Learn more about the Advanced Dating Strategies here.

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