A College Degree, Why Bother?

After twelve years of school (thirteen if you count kindergarten) do you really want to go on for another four, six, eight or even ten years? Well, it all depends on what you want to do with your life. Frankly, if you don?t know at this stage you may be in for a bumpy-ass-ride. If you?re one of those in the not sure category and are sporting a something less than stellar grade point average, well rest easy because you still have opportunities.

Or it's flipping burgers for you

Not everyone can sport that 4.0 GPA (you know the ones you used to make fun of). They?re off in college preparing for a career and life while you?re bagging groceries at the five and dime. Sure you tapped far more ass then they ever did but what did it get you besides Chlamydia? Enough of the reminiscing, let?s take a look at three easy but lucrative degrees that might improve your odds.

Project Management

Here is a degree that is non-technical, requires you not to be a math genius or scientific wizard. You do need organizational skills and the ability to lead and motivate people. By this we are not talking about shoving a football up someone?s ass, rather the ability to get people to get the job done and rally around you. This degree requires some computer skills, scheduling and the ability to track money against a budget. It is all quite logical and takes four years to complete.

Average Salary: $65,000 (US census)

Sales Manager

Did you used to sell stuff in school? You know in those little baggies? Well here is your chance to make a career out of selling (not that of course). A Sales Manager does just what the title suggests, manages sales. This opens the door for you to work at any retail location, imagine being the boss at a Victoria?s Secret, distribution center or say a pharmaceutical company (that caught your eye eh?). Really, any place that sells stuff needs some one to manage and over see the sales figures.

Average Salary: $56,000 (US census)

Construction Management

If you like to build things or tear them down, then a construction degree may be something that would interest you. Construction management will allow you to boss around the boys and get them to do all sorts of things for you. You?ll get to hob-knob with the brass, business owner and his cute secretary. You?ll get to see your handy work or watch things get demolished all without breaking a sweat. Kick back in your air conditioned office space while other sweat and toil for you while you reap the benefits.

Average Salary: $70,000 (US census)

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