A “Sneaky” Psychological Tactic To Seduce Strip Club Dancers

Are you familiar with the concept of ?Social Proof?? In a nutshell, it means that people will do things that they see other people doing. They?ll want to buy the things that everyone else is buying. And in social situations, it means we quickly form an opinion on someone based on how other people are behaving towards that person.

Now let?s turn this into a tactic that we can apply towards one of my favorite environments: the strip club. As I?ve explained in my previous articles on Strip Club Seduction, the key to scoring with strippers (outside of the club, without having to pay for it) is framing yourself as a non-customer.

Seduce that stripper

From the way you enter the club, to the response you give when strippers approach you for a lap dance, to the way you converse with them (always controlling the flow of the conversation, rather than playing along with their sales routine), everything you do and say must establish that you?re not a customer.

The way they see it, you?re at the club for other reasons. (In reality, you?re here to meet strippers to bang. You won?t tell them this, of course?I?ll explain in a moment what your ?reason? will be.)

This attitude is key because strippers always say they ?don?t date customers.? And this is generally true; why would a stripper go on a date with some lonely, sex-starved customer, when she could keep him coming back to the club and paying her to hang out with him? But if she never views you a customer in the first place, she won?t have that objection. And one of the easiest and most effective ways to kill that objection is to establish Social Proof.

In my best-selling seduction bible Mack Tactics, I explain how to use Social Proof in ?regular? (i.e. non-stripper) environments. Many of the same principles apply in the strip club. It means creating ?alliances? with some of the key people who work there.

This accomplishes two things:

1. When you enter the strip club, you?ll spend some time chatting with the people you know there. The doormen, the bartender, a pretty waitress, the DJ, and perhaps the manager or even the owner. The strippers will be watching and noticing. When you show up and receive smiles, handshakes and hugs from some of these people, it instantly frames you as an ?insider??which is the opposite of a customer.

2. When a stripper asks you if you want a lap dance, you can tell her ?Not right now, I?m cool … I stopped by to see my friend ______ (fill in the blank with one of the people you know there).

Then, you can use one of the Transition tactics in the Strip Club Seduction book to get her to sit down with you and chill for a few minutes, while you work your conversational magic on her and start building some real interest and attraction.

So how do you create these ?social alliances?? It?s simple, really. Here are a few tactics I use when I visit a strip club for the first time, and I know it?s a place I?ll want to return to in the future.

Let?s start with the doormen, since this is your first point of contact. I always give these guys a smile and a handshake, and introduce myself by name. I ask them if the club is busy tonight, I tell them I?ve heard good things about the place, etc.

Then I?ll use a line like this:

?My friend Lisa is thinking about dancing here. She?s a total stunner, only 21 years old, she?s the most popular girl at a big club in Miami and she?s moving here soon. If I bring her over here, who should she talk to about work??

(Right off the bat?before you even enter?you?re setting the ?non customer? frame for yourself; you?re a guy hangs out with strippers, and even better, you can bring them a new stunner! Doormen like to hear this, because the strippers tip them a portion of their earnings?and a new 21-year-old stunner who is a superstar in Miami means more money in their pockets?)

Also, one thing you should know about strip clubs is that the doormen are used to dealing with obnoxious dickheads out front, and inside when they need to forcibly remove drunken jerks who grope the women. A cool, friendly, sober guest who shows them some respect is always appreciated.

My next point of contact is the bartender. I like to stand by the bar and scope out the scene when I have my first drink, rather than head for a table. I use this opportunity to befriend the bartender (who is usually a guy). I?ll use a line like this:

?You must be the envy of all your married buddies, spending your nights in a club full of beautiful, practically naked women. And you actually get paid for it! My name?s Dean??

So we start chatting, and the bartender usually tells me about how his job actually isn?t all that great. The novelty of working around a bunch of strippers and annoying customers wears off pretty quickly for most of these guys. But, it?s a good way to open the conversation and get to know the dude. If you really want to get friendly with the strip club bartender, use this one:

?My buddy Eric used to bartend at a strip club and he would tell me how much he learned about human behavior and psychology, just from spending time with the girls, and with the customers who went to the club?and he wound up leaving there and working in real estate sales and making millions of dollars. He says it?s all because of what he learned in the club.?

(All bartenders dream of doing something else and perhaps launching their own million-dollar business idea. This is an AWESOME way to get them to open up to you?and you?ll become their new buddy.)

Then I might stop by the DJ booth and use this line on the DJ:

?Hey man, just wanted to tell you?you?re good. I was at a strip club a few nights ago and the DJ was awful … seriously, who wants to hear a 20-minute Justin Bieber/Backstreet Boys remix? So where?d you learn to DJ??

He?ll appreciate the compliment, so we?ll start chatting. Then I?ll say:

?I?ve heard the DJs in these clubs get laid like rock stars?the girls LOVE the DJs, and what you do is so important because you set the whole vibe for the place …?

Use the force, young sir

This always gets them talking, and by paying them a compliment (something they rarely hear), they?re going to totally appreciate you.

And if I really want to lock myself in as an insider, I?ll say to a waitress:

?Can you introduce me to the manager? I have a quick question for him.?

So now I meet the manager. And I use this routine:

?A buddy of mine is getting married and I?m in the charge of the bachelor party. I thought this club would be the perfect place for it. I wanted to ask you, how much would it cost to rent out a VIP room and have a bunch of girls back there …”

I?ll use this conversation as an opportunity to get to know the manager, learn more about him and his background, tell him a bit about myself, etc.

The point is, you have made a powerful new alliance. And the girls are watching. They can?t hear your conversation. All they know is, you are cool with the manager. They?ll know that you are NOT some typical customer … which will make it a lot easier for you to apply your Strip Club Seduction techniques when you sit down with the girl you?re targeting.

I recently was in Atlanta on business and I visited the most famous strip club in the area (a million rap videos have been filmed there, starring some unbelievably hot chicks). I ran through my Social Proof-building routine: in one night, I created connections with the doormen, the bartender, the DJ, the manager, and the owner (who the manager introduced me to).

When I returned two nights later, they all treated me like a total VIP. I didn?t have to pay the cover charge, my first couple of drinks were free, and the girls didn?t even bother trying to hit me up for lap dances because they KNEW that I wasn?t some typical chump customer. They just wanted to know who I was, and hang out with me!

I won?t get into all of the dirty details, so I?ll just say that it was a VERY good night … I wound up hanging out later on that evening (outside of the club) with a stripper who is a well-known ?video vixen? (meaning, she has starred in music videos for some top hip hop artists) and as amazing as she looked at the club, she looked even better the next morning when she crawled out of bed naked to take a shower?

Here is another article related to the subject:?https://www.tsbmag.com/2011/09/28/why-93-of-strippers-are-bisexual%E2%80%A6and-into-having-threesomes/

Those were just a few of the Social Proof-building routines that I use in strip clubs. I know that when I return to the club, every person I spent a few minutes talking to is going to welcome me back. Meanwhile, the strippers are noticing this?and when you decide to use my Strip Club Seduction tactics to take one of them home, you?ve already got a huge built-in advantage.

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