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How to Nurse Your Hangover

Chances are that you consumed a lot of alcohol on New Year?s Eve. That means that the first day of 2012 was spent in bed with the blinds drawn and your duvet pulled over your face until 4pm. If you want to nurse your hangover and get your ass out of bed to enjoy at least part of your day, pop two Advil, sip some water, and read the rest of this article.

A bad one is brewing

We often forget that despite how much fun it is, alcohol is a toxin and if we drink a lot of it, we can end up feeling sick, tired, and dehydrated. Your liver works as your own personal filtration device to metabolize the alcohol into sugar and waste products. It?s also working overtime to flush all of those toxins from your system.

Nothing can completely cure a hangover except for time, but you can help your body to feel much better. The first thing to do is drink plenty of water. When I was in college, I used to drink Pedialyte, a drink meant for toddlers that?s packed full of electrolytes, to help my hangover. Whatever you decide to drink, be sure it?s helping to restore your body. Sports drinks that don?t contain caffeine or diuretics also work too.

To get your blood sugar pumping, you also should eat bland food throughout the day. This includes toast, noodles, or anything else that isn?t too spicy. These foods will help to settle your upset stomach and keep you from feeling nauseous. Another way to reduce stomach pain is to ingest bicarbonate, which you can get from baking soda or Tums. This will help to reduce the acid in your stomach, which is higher than it normally is because of the alcohol.

It?s also a wise idea to get some sugar in your system. Alcohol reduces your blood sugar. Try getting it from its rawest form, including raw or organic honey.

If none of these tactics appeal to you, then just go back to bed. Sleeping it off will help your body to recover and ease the pain. Turn your cell off, draw the blinds, and just hibernate.

Saturday nights are always fun but Sunday mornings can be a bitch if you partied hard. Take the day off and concentrate on getting your body back to normal. Going on a drinking binge can make you feel awful the next day and you want to properly recover so you will feel rested to do it all over again the following week.

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