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A Brief Guide to Briefs

If you own a pair of uncomfortable underwear, you?ll know firsthand how much of an effect your undergarments can have on you. Make them stylish, and you?ll feel snazzy all day- and so will anyone lucky enough to see them.

Types of underwear

Know your briefs!

The main cuts of underwear are briefs, trunks, and boxers. Briefs do not extend beyond the hip, trunks are fitted with some upper leg coverage, while boxers are longer and roomier. Boxers are quite casual and should only be worn with pants that are loose enough so that the outline of the boxers is not visible. They can also look sloppy, so are best worn when you suspect nobody will get the chance to see them.

There is never a time when briefs or trunks are inappropriate to wear, so they are a safe bet when it comes to choosing your undergarments. Trunks are more flattering if your legs lack muscle tone, whereas briefs show off your body a bit more. Choosing between briefs or trunks is a matter of personal preference- what you find more comfortable and what you think looks better.

You can also get boxer briefs, which extend to the mid-thigh but are as tight as briefs. As they are a relatively recent addition to the world of men?s underwear, anyone who sees them might be confused about what exactly they are. Attempt only if you are brave.

Man underwear versus boy underwear

You may have grown up wearing brightly colored jocks that are bought in five-packs, but there comes a time when you must graduate onto manly underwear. A thick band of elastic at the top of your brief adds stockiness, which is particularly helpful if you are on the slim side as it makes your body appear more substantial and masculine. However, be wary of briefs with too thick an elastic band, as these can make it look like you are wearing a g-string.

While underwear can be found in a huge range of colors and prints, if you?re going for a sexy look dark colors are best. Dark underwear also means you can get away with getting more wear out of them, because they won?t discolor over time like white garments.

Wearing branded underwear from names such as Armani, Calvin Klein and D&G show you are serious about being stylish even underneath your clothing, and that you don?t still rely on your mom to buy your smalls.

Don?t be a show-off

You may be keen to show off the elastic on your Armani underwear by having it visible over the top of your pants, just so everyone knows that you forked out $60 on a garment to hold your balls. But if you do display your undies for all to see, people will wonder how you made such classy briefs look so vulgar. Don?t despair that your time spent researching nice underwear is wasted though. Luxurious underwear is not just for your own enjoyment- anyone who lays eyes on them will enjoy them so much they?ll want to rip them off you.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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