Dealing With Rejection


Getting rejected by a woman can be one of the most frustrating experiences that we every have to go through, but it doesn’t have to be. And it shouldn’t be. Just like with everything else in life you need to have the right mindset. And no getting wasted isn’t the right mentality.

The Perfect You

I want you to take a second and picture yourself in the perfect situation for picking up women. It’s a few years into the future and you’ve become person that you’ve always aspired to be. You go out to the trendiest night club with a million dollars in your bank account. You have the nicest clothes on, the perfect haircut, jokes almost as good as mine, and the utmost confidence in yourself that you should be able to leave with 99 percent of the women in the place and they’ll be dripping wet in their panties by the time you get to your house (the only other women would be those that are married, pregnant, lesbian etc.). As farfetched as it sounds, with some hark work and a little luck we all have the opportunity to make it happened.

Get over it

But (the dreaded but) we don’t live in a perfect world. We don’t have a million bucks and we’re not going out into the perfect situation every night. But (the good but) what we do have that is the greatest characteristic in the fucking world. It’s what separates us from every other species on the earth – the ability to change; the ability to better ourselves every single day and transform into that person that I described in the preceding paragraph, or at least as close to them as we can get.

The New Mentality

That why when you approach a girl, you need do it with the mentality that you have the ability to get every single girl because you do.

And if the girl rejects you, she’s really just rejecting who you are as a person at that specific moment in time. You probably did something that weirded her out whether it be an inappropriate joke, a timid approach, or you didn’t have enough money for bottle service like the stuck up bitch wanted. But the great thing about it is that whatever it was that you did wrong- YOU CAN CHANGE.

How fucking awesome it that right? And you’re going to change it. If you see that girl in a few years from now I’m sure it will go a lot differently. Shit, you might even want to do better than her.

Just this weekend I went too hard at these two smokeshow blondes with tits the size of my head and they were clearly a little put off. But rather than giving up, I took a step back, enjoyed the rest of the football games with my boys, and after they finished their gay little “girl date” they called me over again. So in some circumstances, the change can take place in a matter of minutes.


While rejection may suck at first (especially after a few pints), I urged you to cage this frustration and use it to make yourself into a better person. Every successful person the world from Bill Gates, to Michael Jordan, to Brad Pitt was rejected a countless number of times. But instead of pouting, getting depressed and giving up, they took a look at what it was that caused the rejection, they learned from it and make sure it never happens again. When I hear a person is getting rejected all the time, it tells me that he’s going to be successful in his future because he’s trying. Successful people thrive on rejection.

You’ll get to a point where you don’t mind making mistakes because you know you’re going to correct whatever it was and learn from it. And eventually, you’re going to turn yourself into a monster. Rejection is a good thing, boys.

When I first sat down to write this article, I thought it would be the easiest thing to explain, but I really had to sit there and think. I want you to know that this is truly how and feel and I hope you can use this approach to make dealing with rejection easier for yourself. Shit, I didn’t even write as many jokes as I typically did because I feel so passionately about the subject.

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  1. Thayer Martin

    January 19, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    “And if the girl rejects you, she’s really just rejecting who you are as a person at that specific moment in time. You probably did something that weirded her out whether it be an inappropriate joke, a timid approach, or you didn’t have enough money for bottle service like the stuck up bitch wanted. But the great thing about it is that whatever it was that you did wrong- YOU CAN CHANGE.”

    I believe there is a flaw in your argument.

    You assume that I will know what I did that “weirded her out.” If a woman blows off my approach how do I know whether 1) I had a big piece of spinach stuck in my teeth, or 2) my appearance reminded her of the guy who got her sister pregnant and disappeared, or 3) she’s spent the last month riding the cocks of [insert the names of your favorite celebrities here] and can’t be bothered with the likes of me, or 4) there was SOMETHING wrong with my approach that turned her off, but I don’t have a clue what it was?

    It’s not as if women sit down and debrief you after you fail.

    • Alex Anthony

      January 24, 2012 at 8:48 pm

      Thayer, I understand your train of thought and you’re completely right in the sense there will be times that when you have no idea what you did wrong, just as there will be time where you don’t know what you did right. But let me say this, 1) Spinach in you’re teeth, that should be one in a million, I know you’re better than that because you took the time to make a response. 2) Nice clothes, decent hairstyle, and putting a little effort into what you look like and you won’t look like that creepy guy. Come’ on. 3) and yes there are sometime when you have no idea….

      But when you get to that point where you’ve change everything you can at that point in time (all the things that you do know), when you fail it shouldn’t bother you because you’ve done all that you can and you should be proud in that sense. Yeah, it always going to suck a little, but you’ll shrug it off and completely forget about it ten seconds later when you talk to another girl.

      When I go out and get rejected it’d be easy for me to make excuses about things that I can’t change. But instead I focus on everything that I can change. And the rest might make me mad for a little while, but I thrive on the fact that I’ll someday I’ll have it all.

      Hopefully this helps brother.

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