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Kia Serves Up 5-Hour Commercial Featuring Model Adriana Lima


Don’t be surprised if you see the roads overrun with 2012 Kia Optimas this year. South Korea’s second-largest auto manufacturer, Kia Motors, upped the ante for Super Bowl XLVI, premiering two commercials that offer potential car buyers (namely guys in the “hot for Brazilian models” market) something to drool over.

Five hours!

Going for the gusto, Kia debuted its 2012 Kia Optima commercial during the Super Bowl. With bikini-clad women (namely Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima), a bucking rhino, and an appearance by Motley Crue, the company served up a no-holds-barred, ironic appeal to males in need of foreign wheels.

In what may be the most brilliant or most ludicrous “commercial” ever, Kia also debuted a video on its YouTube page featuring Lima waving a checkered racing flag for five hours. That’s it; she stands at the end of a finish line dressed in some barely-there outfit and stilettos waving a flag. It’s brilliant (and available in full HD 1080p!)

According to Kia, the video is “5 hours of the finest flag-waving the world has ever seen.” Check it out and you’ll see why Lima’s currently one of the top five highest paid supermodels in the world.See how long you can last. If you can’t get enough, you can always make a playlist.

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