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Are You a Closer?

So you got this 5?9? slender brunette standing in front of you eating up every word that comes out your mouth. She has a charming personality to go with that phenomenal ass that you keep picturing without any clothes on. The bartender shouts out last call, and you know that it?s officially decision time. Is she waking up in your bed the next morning wearing nothing but cute little red panties, or is she going to go home with her friends that have been begging her to leave for the last hour? Well that depends on one thing: Are you a closer?

Got Game But Can?t Close?

Be a closer!

I know a lot of guys out there that have really good game. They?re witty, they?re quick, and they have no problem attracting women. But then the end of the night comes and they act like the game is already won when in reality all of the work they put in means absolutely nothing if they can?t close. Don?t be that guy.

Focus Guys

There are two keys to closing. One, the girl has to want you. She has to have that feeling that if you go your separate ways, her night is incomplete. Two, she has to feel comfortable enough with you to sleep with you because sex is big deal for women.

That?s why you need to stop settling on making out, or getting phone numbers, and focus all of your efforts on closing. If the girl has any intentions on sleeping with you, she will be looking for indicators from the moment she meets you. That?s why even when you?re flirting and playfully making fun of her you always need to make sure you?re a gentlemen. Hold the door open. If she spills her drink get her a napkin.? Women are extremely observant when it comes to things like this, and they relate being comfortable with someone in person, directly to being comfortable in the bedroom.

And you may need to impress her friends as well. You?ll be surprised how straightforward girls will be when it comes to leaving their friend with a guy. One time, I was about to head home with this girl when her wasted friend starting screaming at us, ?Don?t leave with him. He?s a creep!? Then all of a sudden another girl grabbed the waste case and said, ?No he?s not a creep. He?s been nice to her all night and she has no reason not to go back with him.?

Closing needs to be something you?re thinking about the entire night, not just when it?s time to go home.

Grow A Pair

When that time does come, you going to need to man up and ask her to leave with you. There?s no way around it. And I strongly suggest having a line prepared. Say something like, ?I?m having a blast with you and I really don?t want this night to end. Come back to my place for one more drink. I got this great bottle of wine. It?s only 8.99, but I promise it?ll taste like candy,? or ?Let?s go grab one last drink at this bar down the block from my house. It?s a piece of shit bar, but for some reason they make the best drinks.? Notice how I always have something to offer because although she likely knows what?s going to happen once you are close to your place, she wants to be courted anyway.

Once you get a taste of it and start closing on consistent basis, you?re never going to want to settle for anything less. Now that?s the guy you want to be.

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