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When She’s a Cougar

You?ve mastering seducing women your own age, but what if your tastes call for a more mature lady? Cougars are a little different to what you?re used to, but not unattainable.

Women just wanna have fun

Like a fine wine ...

It may be the case that she?s fallen for a younger man by accident, but more likely than not, she is pursuing a younger man because she wants to have some fun. Perhaps she has just come out of a dried-up marriage, or is sick of being bored by men her own age. Maybe she is in the midst of a mid-life crisis and would like to reclaim her youth, and wants a younger man to help her feel young again. To this end, don?t treat her like she?s older than you. Have spontaneous fun with her – she?s looking for a wild time. Be adventurous in bed. If you can please her by making her feel youthful again, you?ll have her thirsting for more.

How to lure a cougar

An older hot woman is more intimidating than a young hot woman, because her life experience means she is savvier and may not fall for the same lines. She is generally more confident – she knows that she is attractive, and she can tell when you want her. She is also not afraid to reject you if she doesn?t like what she sees.

When you see a cougar hanging out at a bar or out at a club, you know she is looking for a hot young thing to play with. Unlike younger women who might go out just because their friends are and not to pick up, and older woman is there because she knows it?s where she?ll find a younger guy. As with younger women, you need to strike up a conversation with her although you may not be able to use the same tricks (she?s not likely to fall for ?the best friends test? and the like). Don?t mention her age, even if it is compliment her – she won?t hear it is a compliment and might even be offended.

Before you check out her body, check out her hand. If she?s wearing a ring, you know she is not available – although if she is looking for a discreet good time, you may as well be the one to give it to her. If a ring-bearing woman is receptive to a sneaky hook-up, she wouldn?t have gone out with the intention to do so, or she would have taken off her ring (unless she is using it to make herself seem unattainable).

Don?t let her rule over you

Some women want to be with a man that they can manipulate, perhaps after being in a relationship where they were always under the thumb of their partner. Even if she is older, you enter a relationship as equals. If she tries to control you or is using her age to establish her authority over you, it?s time to say goodbye.

Make sure you want the same things

Some cougars want some no-strings-attached fun. Others want to set up home with their ?cub?. When you?re beginning to get involved with an older woman, look for cues as to what she wants. Does she seem clucky? Does she talk a lot about her home life and kids, if she has any? If yes, talk about whether or not you?re in it for the long term before you get too attached. Likewise, don?t let her string you along with sex if you?re looking for something more. If you?d like things to get serious, you have to win over her heart as well as her body.

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