The Bueller Body: Look Good in Three Simple Steps (Part One)

What is the most simple, efficient, and effortless way to do something?

This is the way my brain works. I like to understand something from every angle – understand it better than the creator if I can – and then devise the shortest and most efficient way to do something.

At the University of Michigan, few people could understand how I passed my classes, let alone get the respectable grades that I did while ?socializing? as much as anyone they knew. My first semester my GPA stumbled a bit, but once I figured it out, I was set.

It?s just the way my brain works. After watching hundreds of clients talk to girls, it created Fearless. The second thing people notice after enjoying the product (aside from the incredibly high quality of the content 😉 is that I?ve dropped a few lbs since Fearless was filmed over a year ago.

Now, I?m no expert in body management. I haven?t honed this system over hundreds of successful clients… but I do know a thing or two.

Get to work

Years of being an avid Men?s Health subscriber aside, I played organized sports at the highschool and collegiate level, and after building forty lbs of muscle I?ve lost over one hundred lbs over the course of several waves.

I?ve protein, creatine, and carbo-loaded, lifted in every way imaginable, low-carbed, low-cal-ed, south-beached, cheat-dayed, saltwater-cleansed, paleoed, and a bunch of stuff in between. I?m no expert, but I know a thing or two.

After taking all of this and processing it through my brain, I don?t have a crash diet or an intense system that you?ll drop in under a year (and the results along with it). What I do have is a simple lifestyle that you?re more than welcome to build upon if you?d like.

What I present is what I consider Ferris Bueller would do to stay in shape – amazing results without looking like you?re even trying… The Bueller Body:

1. Eat What God (or Mother Nature) Made

Simple. If it?s been around before the 50?s and it?s actually food, I?ll eat it. We all know this covers fruit and veg, but I also love meat of all varieties, and I eat a lot of it.

This also includes animal fat. Deep-fried is bad, but the more I deny myself natural fats I?m supposed to eat because I think they?re bad, the more I?m tempted to eat something deep fried, or something else less healthy. This means I always buy the full-fat yogurt and never shy away from my bacon and eggs (more on this in #2).

Bread, pasta, and dairy? This is a tough one considering how much I love them and how delicious they are. I decide to compromise: If they?re made from unprocessed flour, eggs, cream… you know, homemade (bakery, dairy, or Italian market included), then I?ll eat it in moderation. Of course, when I eat it in moderation I?m making sure my pasta is covered in a hearty meat sauce and my fresh bread is loaded with butter.

If that bread, pasta, or cheese comes in a bag, box, or can at the supermarket and has a bunch of ingredients in it that I can?t pronounce, (whether it said ?whole wheat? on the bag or box or not) I?m not going to touch it. (And to tell you the truth, I don?t miss it at all.)

The final category is the off-limits zone, and by off-limits I mean off limits until you hit your targets and your body reaches equilibrium, then go ahead and joy it at your discretion. That monster is processed sugar.

If you?re having honey with your tea or chewing on a sugar cane, cool. But if it contains fructose, or any of the processed sugars in any commercial products, then they?re basically poisons our bodies were never intended to consume in the masses we?re consuming them. That?s why we?re seeing the health issues we?re seeing today. Low/no cal sugars have been shown to be more harmful to your bodies than their high-fructose counterparts, and are definitely on this list as well.

Fruit you ask? I know it has fructose in it, but once again I resort to the ?God made it? maxim. The thing is that you can only eat so much fruit, unlike the addictive processed sugars. Actually, when you?re withdrawing from a sugar addiction, fruit can be an excellent and natural tool to ?ease the pain?.

Also, switch to whisky or wine until you hit your targets, enjoy a beer at your discretion after, and drink in moderation for a number of benefits – including being able to talk to girls.

Finally, one of the many benefits of living in Manhattan is the vast array of independent food providers at all price points who use quality ingredients, however not everyone has the big apple at their doorstep and even done frugally, eating out will still eat up a budget.

Of course, the alternative available to all is cooking for yourself – which I cannot endorse enough.

Aside from the cash back in your bank account, you?ll eat healthier as you control what goes into every meal. You could salt most dishes to your hearts content and they still won?t come near the sodium content in most restaurant dishes that contain ?super sodium?.

I?m also not the first person to say this, but I have noticed a distinct link between cooking for myself and my self confidence. I think there might be something evolutionarily satisfying about it.

Either way, chicks think it?s sexy so who cares about that nerd stuff? 😉

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