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Must-Read: Top Ballpark Eats

So, it’s finally here. After an amazing post-season, one of the best in the history of the game, it’s time for baseball season to once again grace our screens for the next 8 months. What a joyful world in which we live. We’ve been spending the past few weeks getting our pre-season on by looking at the upcoming season through nearly every angle and lens available. But there was one that was consistently ignored in the various websites, books and magazines that we’ve been perusing. Namely: The amazing food at the ballpark.


As you know, a baseball game in a vacuum is all well and good. But a game, to truly become transcendent, is one that must be viewed with a plump and juicy hot dog in hand, and a beer in your seat’s cup-holder, standing by to wash it down. Which is why, today, we celebrate the best game in the world with this list of the most insane ballpark eats around the Major Leagues, put together by the fine folks at

For example, one of our favorites:

No.4 Meat Lovers Hot Dog, Great American Ball Park – Cincinnati Reds

This epic hot dog is aimed directly at baseball-loving meathounds, but even the most ardent lover of all things fleshy might have a tough time with this handheld meat bomb. The centerpiece is a local Queen City sausage stuffed into a fresh hoagie from the nearby Klosterman Baking Co. First, the sausage is wrapped in bacon and deep-fried before being topped with beef chili, shredded jack cheese and strips of crispy-fried salami. Not for the faint of heart, or those of you who want to live to see your 50th birthday.

To check out the rest, and get an insane case of heartburn just by looking at these delicious ballpark delicacies, head over to the above link.

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