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Must-Read: The Weirdest Restaurants Around

Eating is great. We love eating. Not only is eating a necessity — in a very literal sense, seeing as you will DIE if you don’t! — but it’s a lot of fun to do because, you know, when you eat something tasty, it tastes great! But enough about the eating part of dining out. That’s the bit of it that tends to get all the pub. Instead, one of the most underrated and underreported parts of the dining experience is the actual locale that the meal is being eaten in.

The Encounter

We’re not just talking about a fancy establishment with bleached white tablecloths and all sorts of crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. We also mean those weird out-of-the-way hole in the walls that just kind of pop up out of nowhere. Find a great one of those, and if the food is relatively decent, you have just found one of your favorite places for life.

We love the weird places to eat, which is why today we’re highlighting this great article over at that goes through the 10 weirdest dining experiences from around the world. We, unfortunately, haven’t been to any of them yet. But now that this place as made the list, we’re going to put that on the top of our dining lists:

The Encounter Restaurant, Los Angeles Airport
In a desperate search for something to eat, and not willing to subject myself to the usual dismal airport food, I first discovered The Encounter Restaurant on frequent visits to Los Angeles in 2008. The restaurant has been open for 15 years and is housed in a space-age structure that was completed over 50 years ago. While the food is hardly haute cuisine, The Encounter does serve up a very passable hamburger and also has a cocktail bar, so I can anaesthetise myself against the horrors of the Tom Bradley terminal.

Head over to the above link for the other 9.

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