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5 Red Flags That You’re a Bitch

Let?s face it: we can all be a bitch sometimes. We whine. We don?t want to face reality. We hide from the truth. No guy wakes up in the morning saying, ?Man, I?m gonna act like a little bitch today!? Yet it happens.

So, as the old saying goes, ?A good friend tells you what you want to hear, but a best friend tells you what you NEED to hear.? If you?re acting like a little bitch, you don?t need to hear some crappy Hallmark clich?s. No. You need someone to slap you in your bitch face and say, ?You?re acting like a bitch! Stop it!?

While I can?t reach my pimp hand through your computer monitor and slap your face, I can do the next best thing, which is to write a ?top 5? list on the red flags of bitchdom. Keep an open mind as you read this article?that is, if you don?t want to continue being a bitch.

You?re Afraid of Rejection

Sorry dudes but I?m going to blunt: if you?re trying to avoid rejection, you?re a bitch. If rejection makes you upset, you?re a bitch. If you believe that there will come a day where you?ll somehow escape rejection, you?re a bitch.

Get a tissue, Nancy

Face the facts: you?re going to have to face rejection every day. From women. From your job. From your friends. It?s part of life. You can either stop fearing it or?you can be a bitch.

Fear of rejection is tantamount to being a bitch because only a bitch lets others determine his sense of self worth. If a hot girl rejecting you makes you upset, then it means that you place more value on HER opinion of you than you place in YOUR OWN opinion of yourself.

To stop being a little bitch scared of rejection realize this: YOUR opinion of yourself is ALL that matters. If you?re happy with who you are, then who cares if some hot girl doesn?t see it that way? You don?t need to ?enjoy? rejection when it happens, but it definitely shouldn?t upset you. Unless you?re a bitch.

You Feel A Need to Convince People of Your Worldview

Whenever I?m talking to someone who?s trying to convince me that they?re right, I automatically peg them as a bitch. There?s a big difference between having an opinion and having an agenda. Having an opinion is perfectly fine?we ALL have opinions on things. However, having an agenda is NOT all right.

People with an agenda are the ones who keep trying to convince you that they?re right. Rather than encourage you to go out and find real-world evidence on something, they demand you listen to them (usually based on straw man arguments they make to support their claims).

Acting this way makes you a bitch because you can?t just be confident in your own views. You don?t like something? Okay, that?s your opinion. But you don?t need to wage a campaign against it and obsessively hunt for evidence to support your opinion. Your subjective opinion is just that: an opinion. Keep it that way.

You Prefer Low Risk, Low Reward Situations Over Boldness

Small man makes small moves.

Let me explain. There are always two camps whenever it comes to any sort of advice (financial advice, dating advice, life advice, etc.). One camp advocates ?big moves? and the other camp advocates a ?play it safe? approach. Though, you usually hear much more from ?big moves? gurus because they?re the winners.

Let?s be honest: no one rises above mediocrity playing it safe. You want a bland-looking girlfriend who?s not cool? do the easy approaches. You want to date hotter girls? then you?re going to have to go big. There?s simply no way around it.

You Have A History of Failure, Yet Refuse to Change

Every successful guy I?ve ever coached in dating had most other areas of his life handled. He had a history of ?success? long before he ever got involved with dating advice. Getting his love life handled was enviable once he understood what to do

Conversely, every ?failure? student I?ve ever seen either had loser habits or deluded himself into believing that he was a winner (which is red flag #5). While these guys have no tangible success, they also keep believing that they know better. Guess what? You don?t know better.

If you gave up learning that instrument, on reading that book, on sticking to that diet, on finishing that online course, guess what? You?re going to fail at improving with women, no matter how good your teacher is.

Stop being a bitch and realize that you have a history of failure. Then, resolve to make changes.

You?re Delusional

The most frustrating of all the red flags: delusion. When I think back to the biggest failures I?ve come across in my years of coaching, it?s guys who believe they?re smarter than everyone, dress well, are ?reasonably good looking,? when they?re not. The only thing worse than a guy who?s a bitch is a guy who?s a bitch but thinks he?s cool.

The fact remains: if you want to improve your life, the first step is to stop being a bitch. Yet if you can?t even recognize that you ARE a bitch, there?s nothing anyone can do for you.

So hopefully some of these red flags hit a nerve. If you?re upset or offended, it?s because this is probably the advice you NEEDED to hear. Think of me as your best friend.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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