Must-Read: The Healthiest Man Alive

Author A.J. Jacobs has found his niche: He goes crazy for a little while and writes about it. A few years back, he went Bible crazy and decided to spend a year of his life “living Biblically,” which meant he had to let his beard grow, eat only things that God has determined as good, and all sorts of other spiritual ways of going through your every-day life. He’s back, now, with another book about spending two years living completely health in every way.

The author

His book is excerpted over at Men’s Fitness, and has immediately gone to the top of our wish list. This is, after all, not only an entertaining read but also a blueprint for how we should all be living. While the except is at the above link, Jacobs also offered up a few quick tips for the Internet scanner type reader to pick on up. Two of them:

Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Life
?When I talk to my kids, I?ll squat down to their eye level, then I?ll pop back up. I?m doing 50 squats a day just by hanging out with my kids.?Get Your Rest
?If you want to fall asleep, don?t count sheep. There have actually been studies that say it doesn?t work. But if you count backwards by three, then that will put you to sleep. I?m telling you, that changed my life, because that puts me to sleep. If you?re a math whiz, you might want to go to something big, like sevens or 17s.?

Floss! Seriously!
?I?d never flossed my teeth before this project, and now I am a daily flosser. It?s not even about the teeth, it?s about the research that says there?s a bacteria in our gums that can go into the bloodstream and really wreak some havoc on our cardiovascular system. So you?re really doing it for your heart health as well.?

Sounds easy, and worthwhile. Head on over to the above link to check out the rest.

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