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The Complete Guide To “Sexcalation,”


By: john sinn

Advanced Guide to Getting Sexual with a Girl

Hey! What’s up guys?

Jon Sinn here?and today we I want to talk to you about Sexcalation, which is my funny made-up word for sexually escalating the interaction.

I actually made up the word ‘sexcalation’ beside the fact that it sounds awesome, because I realized that a lot of what I did was to move the conversation towards sex as quickly, move the physical touching towards physical teasing, touching and arousal, kind of quasi sexual, but not offensive touching?as quickly as possible, and to get the girl logistically into a place where things could get sexual as quickly as possible. So one day I realized that I wasn?t really escalating, I was sexcalating, because I was just making sex basically the overt and undertone of the interaction in a funny, socially acceptable way, and I’m going to teach you all about that today.

What is?Sexcalation?

So Sexcalation is the idea of escalating the interaction verbally, physically and logistically towards sex with the idea of having sex with her overtly on the table. So that’s kind of one of the biggest things that I do that I think is different from a lot of guys out there in the community, is I think it’s okay to let the girl know that you’re trying to get her into bed.

I think a big mistake that guys make is they’re not overt enough with their intentions, and they think that if they just kind of talk about themselves, build commonalities, build rapport, build vulnerability, and tell the girls things they like about her, that eventually they just magically hop into bed, and unfortunately, for me, I never really got amazing, mind blowing results until I started bringing up the subject of sex and going sexual.

Just because you have attraction in an interaction, doesn?t necessarily mean you have sexual attraction; because you might have value-based or interest-based attraction.

Sexual Teasing

You want to build sexual attraction first, and the way I like to do that is by teasing girls sexually. So the idea of teasing is pretty common idea, but what I did a couple years ago, was I re-tooled my game and went through and I chose everything that was more sexual and more kind of over the top, and I just wanted to see like, to what extremes I could go to, and I realized that you could go to some pretty far extremes once you’re pretty good at attraction.

So I started teasing girls sexually, I’d say things like, “I don’t know who your last boyfriend is, but he obviously didn?t spank you enough.” Or I’d say things like, “Oh my God, you’re such a naughty girl.” Or, and I actually got this one from this crazy dude I knew, he went on this rant about he was going to be celibate and I turned it into kind of a fun role play that I do with girls. I’d say things like:

You know what, you girls are really cool, but we’re not having sex tonight because I’m fucking celibate. Yes, I think sex is for losers?for people who don?t have dreams and goals and ambitions; who don?t want to make the world a better place. It’s not for people like me, I’m a winner, that’s why fucking celibate. I?m over this sex thing, sex is for fucking losers. But you know what, it’s fucked up, because I’m telling you that now and like now you’re going to be all over me for the rest of the night. You’re going to be like, “Oh make out with me, because making out is okay, that doesn?t make you not celibate.”

Then you’d be like, “Oh, come home with me. I’m going to get naked and get in bed with you, and then, you know, like an addict, like someone taking that first drink?I’d be back to that place where I’m a sexual addict. My life is filled with pain and misery, and everyone is just a pawn in my sexual game, but I won’t do it, not again. I’m going to be good. You stay away.

And I’ll keep going like for more than three of four minutes, but again, it’s introducing the idea of sex really early on in a funny fashion.

Another thing I’ll do, I’ll be like,

“Yes, you guys are really nice but we’re not having sex. Girls are just using me for sex lately, like I am not just a human sausage. Like I’m definitely not, and yes, it is huge, but I’m not just here to be used like this. I have feelings and emotions and deep, deep thoughts, and I write poetry, like haikus. I wrote one today, it goes: Cat, mat, hat?isn’t that good? I’m not just a sexual thing; none of you guys is going to break through my shell. I’m sick of this?sick, tired of it.?

These teases are super fun and outrageous and will result in girls cracking up as you escalate the conversation towards sex.


Physical Sexcalations are equally as important if not more important than verbal sexcalations. Because obviously you have to get the woman physically turned on to get her ready to have sex with you.

This process of getting the girl turned on is often called arousal and it?s one of the least talked about subjects in the Seduction Community even though understanding arousal will take you farther than almost anything else.

It?s also important to understand that these sexcalations are things you?re going to do after the girl is already attracted to you. If you try to bust these things out too early, it will definitely freak the girl out. So make sure you?ve already at least hugged the girl or held her hand before you try to sexcalate physically.

Alright, let’s talk about physical sexcalatons because I have a couple different ones, it’s tough to see them in your mind’s eye when I’m talking to you through this article, so bear with me. I’m going to give you 3 or 4 ones that really good, nice little pieces that not too many people do.

Scratch, Neck, Hair Pull

The first one is the scratch, neck, hair pull. A lot of guys do the hair pull, but very few of them do it in what I consider the sexually arousing way, that will make the girl’s hair stand on end. So what I’ll do at some point in the interaction, usually when we’re in comfort or something, I’ll just reach over and I’ll put my hand on the base of her neck, upside down, like my palm facing my elbow, if that makes sense, and I’ll softly scratch my fingers up her neck. Hopefully she moans, or bites her lip, then at that point I’ll grab the root of her hair and give a little tug, not enough to move her head, but that’s a good one.

Kiss and Blow on the Neck

Another really good one is the kiss and blow on the neck. This is a really good one for when you?re hugging her. I’ll just put my lips on her neck enough to make it wet, and then I’ll blow on it, that’s a really good arousal technique. Another good one is, this one is impossible to describe in text but I’m going to try because it’s that good. When you’re hugging a girl from behind, grab like where her thigh meets her butt, if you can imagine that, and pull her thigh back a little and that will separate the labia which is sexually arousing for the ladies. So those are three physical sexcalations right there.

The Ass Cup of Destiny

Another good one is just sticking your hand down the back of her pants. If you’re walking her out of a venue, I do this on dates, I do this with girls I’m bouncing back to my house, I’d just stick my hands down her pants. Actually like down her jeans, or if she’s wearing a skirt or dress, I’ll actually stick my hand up it, and?cup her ass.

The ass cup of destiny, as I’ve called it on my blog, but that’s a good one because it’s like Last Minute Resistance precursor, because where does LMR usually hit? When you get your hands into the pants. If I can get my hand down the pants and then get it out before she actually tries to pull it out, then she’s used to me putting my hand down her pants. It actually works really well. If a girl lets you cup her ass or go up her skirt or down her pants she will have sex with you almost 100 percent of the time.

Hopefully by now you have started to get an understanding of the process of sexcalation and how you can use it both verbally and physically to move the interaction towards sex with the idea of having sex with her overtly on the table.? No more having to hope things turn sexual or waiting for ?when the time is right.? Sexcalation gives you the tools and tactics to move things towards sex every time.

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