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Must-Read: Turning Her Down


We spend so much time on this website going through how to actually pick up girls, how to get their numbers, how to close the deal. But one of the things we never talk about here is what to do if you actually DO get the number … but then don’t want it. As anyone who is reading this site knows, being rejected sucks. But actually doing the rejecting can, in some ways, be worse. Looking into their eyes and seeing whatever heartache you’re about to deliver is always a tough thing to stomach. And so a lot of times, us guys just end up acting like assholes because we don’t want to have to deal with it. But instead of being an asshole, you CAN actually come off as a pretty decent gent if you do it right.

Do it the right way

Which is why today we’re bringing you this article from the folks over that goes through how to actually turn her down. For example:

No.3 How to Turn Down… Someone From a Dating Site

If you’re repulsed by a “match” who sends you a message, just ignore it. Going radio silent might seem cold, but a reply message to a stranger that thanks her for her interest and then tells her you don’t think you’d be good together might translate into “sorry, I’m too good for you.” Here’s why that’s bad: It’s a small world, and that woman might know someone else you end up going on a date with (a friend, roommate, ex cellmate). Then she gets to sound off about what a rude and conceited assh*le you were to her, which can make things awkward for you. Ignoring her leaves her nothing to discuss.

Head over to the link to check out the other three possibilities that you will encounter at some point in your dating life, and then get to being a gentlemen turner-downer in no time.

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