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Top Five Destinations of Seattle

When I took my first trip to Seattle last year, I learned something I didn?t know: my father had lived there during his time in the army. As I strolled around the downtown, I felt a connection to my dad, just like when I went to Wrigley after hearing about all the times he would go to games back in his day. That?s one of the reasons that I like Wrigley Field. As nice as the newer Comiskey Park or United Center are, my dad spent time watching the Blackhawks in Chicago Stadium and the White Sox in old Comiskey. I wish I could have watched a game in both of those places.

I love hearing recommendations from my parents about places to visit. When I went to New Orleans, they had suggestions. When I drove the Pacific Coast Highway, my mom told me of a similar trip. It?s a little late in the month to pen a tribute to my parents in relationship to Father?s Day (or even later for Mother?s Day) but as I write about Seattle, I wanted to dedicate this to my parents and all their travel recommendations and stories. I know the reason I love to go explore all of these places comes from them.

Go up and eat in the Space Needle

Tossed salad and scrambled eggs

Going up in the Space Needle really connected me with my Dad as I went up in the needle during its 50-year anniversary and my Dad went up during its first year. I highly recommend taking the extra time to eat a meal in the restaurant while it rotates. The food tastes great and it allows you to acquaint yourself with an overhead view of the city.

Hike around Mt. Rainier

Though Mount Rainier rises seventy miles outside of Seattle, it still stands as a part of the Seattle skyline. To see a lot of the terrain and wildlife, I suggest taking a long hike or even stringing a few hikes together with some overnight camping. Still, be careful, Mount Rainier though near a major metropolitan area, is still very rugged and wild. Beware of avalanches and take precautions to let others know of your backcountry plans.

Explore The Museum of Flight

I?m just going to go with a list of the exhibits you can see at?The Museum of Flight and leave it at that: Air Force One (used by Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon); a Concorde; the Blackbird; a Flight Tower; a Flight Simulator; and the Bush Pilots of Alaska.

Take a Water Tour

I love a good booze cruise. (If you ever share a drink with me, maybe I?ll regale you with a story of an Independence Day booze cruise where I nibbled the earrings off a lovely lady.) I?ll even go a step further and just say I love a good boat ride. Take a?boat tour of the many waterways around Seattle and find one that fits your needs, whether it?s looking at the houses along the water, drinking great Northwestern beer or a murder mystery themed cruise. No matter what, spring for the extra money and get a little food in your stomach as well. It makes the drinking better.

Visit Gargoyles Statuary

Sure, you could go to the Pike Place Market and I could tell you to eat more food, but let?s try something different. Why not visit?Gargoyles Statuary and see this unique bit of Seattle. Of course there are gargoyle sculptures, but there are also art exhibits. Right now until the middle of July, you can check out an exhibit devoted to corvids, or to the layperson, ravens, crows, magpies and one of my favorite bird names, the jackdaw.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.


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