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Top Five Destinations of Miami

Part of the fun of exploring new places comes from adapting your expectations for pleasure and enjoyment to your surroundings. To put it in clich? form, ?When in Rome, do as the Romans do.? If you?re in the Rockies, those words mean skiing, hiking and outdoor concerts. For Miami, I?ve always imagined those words mean the latest styles, nightclubs and classy beaches.

Of course, I also believe that you shouldn?t lose yourself when you travel. Yes, immerse yourself in your destination, but carve out some time for your own interests whether it?s music, good food, art, or natural wonders.

So, my list for Miami includes a little of both. I?m sure when I make it down there next, these things will be more than enough to keep me busy for a good week.

Walk around South Beach

I think LeBron James might have given the?South Beach area a bit of a negative connotation because of his ?decision? TV special. However, a quick Google image search turns up pictures of white sand beaches, deep blue water and girls in bikinis. Add in?walking tours of the Art Deco architecture and taking your talents to South Beach makes so much sense.

Snorkel at Biscayne National Park

Jai alai!

Part of the beauty of those deep blue waters comes from looking underneath it. Head up to?Biscayne National Park, jump on a boat, don a mask and a snorkel, jump off the boat and start exploring. (Be sure not to mix up those steps.) If snorkeling sounds like too much work after a long day of laying out on the beach, just take a glass bottom boat tour and let the boat do all the work.

Hit as many nightclubs as you can

Per this?Huffington Post article,, you can visit 9 of the top 100 nightclubs in the U.S. in Miami. Looking through the pictures, the #14 ranked Mango?s looks like the first stop on my itinerary, and just for a taste of the schadenfreude, the next stop has to be the Clevelander just to raise a drink and toast the NBA champions, the Miami Heat. After that, it?s time to hit Space, because of its 24-hour liquor license.

See an alligator at the Everglades National Park

I hate snakes. For that matter, I hate most every reptile. (I?m not sure why in the last few weeks I?ve seen two people with lizards around their necks walking around and another with snakes draped all over him, but I think it?s some sort of test to see if I can keep from shrieking.) Still, as much as I hate them, they fascinate me. Especially from the safety of my car. I?m not sure how to plan that at? Everglades National Park, but I doubt I?ll get out of my car very long to find out.

Try to figure out Jai Alai

I have no clue how to play Jai Alai or even how it works. I picture it something like the identity discs in Tron. That?s the thing though, until I go to a match, I?ll never know. Sure, I could figure it out with a bunch of research, but is that as much fun as just sitting back and watching? I think not.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.

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