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How To Make Her Beg For Sex

I get a lot of questions from guys about how they can avoid so-called “last minute resistance” from girls that they meet and unsuccessfully try to hook up with. This can be very frustrating and annoying, so I want to talk about it a little bit today and give you a few strategies that you can use to get a woman turned on and actually begging you to do her.

TIP #1) Warm Her Up Slow

Turn her on

I heard the analogy several years ago that women heat up slowly kind of like an iron. I can’t remember who said this, so my apologies for not crediting the author as it really is an ingenious way of looking at it. Us guys, we are ready to go in about one second. Show us a nice ass in a miniskirt, and just like that we are “in the mood”. Women on the other hand take a little more time to get going, generally speaking. So it is best to slowly work them into a horny state over a couple hours. You can start with subtle, gentle PG rated touches on her arm, knee, and hand, and then ever so slowly move to touching her back, hair and face. Then kiss her for a bit, stop, and then start again. This gradual, subtle progression will get her turned on and in the mood without setting off any alarm bells because you are moving too fast.

Tip #2) Kiss Her More

It seems like girls really like kissing. And I’ve found that the more you kiss them the more that they like it. However most guys are so eager to get it in that they just kiss a girl for a few minutes, and then move onto the next thing right away like they’re in a hurry. If you do this you cheat yourself in a couple of different ways. For one thing, your speed might come across as too aggressive to her and cause her to react badly, so that’s something that you want to avoid. Also, you’re taking away her opportunity to enjoy you at the speed that she wants. If you go slow, this will give her enough time to get all warmed up for you, so that when you get to the more intense stuff she’ll practically be begging you.

Tip #3) Talk Dirty To Her

Not all women respond the same to talkin’ dirty. But in my experience the vast majority get super turned on by a little dirty talk. Again, the key here is not jump the gun. I wouldn’t recommend going from your first kiss to telling her that you are going to put it in her **** later. That could quite possibly really freak her out. Instead wait until you’ve been making out with her for a good long while and her clothes are starting to come off. It’s best to start gently here as well to get a reading on how she responds. Many women will be super excited that they found a guy who is comfortable enough sexually that he can verbalize about it, and they will get into it too.

Over the years I’ve found that last minute resistance can be all but avoided just by sticking to these three rules. It’s also a good idea to get to know her a little bit beforehand so that she doesn’t feel like she is having sex with a complete stranger.


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