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Must-Read: Nutrition Laws


Being healthy and eating nutritious is, at the exact same time, one of the hardest and easiest things to do. The actual act of putting nutritious and healthy food into your mouth isn’t hard. You’re going to put something in there anyway, so might as well be something good for you. But what’s difficult is the planning that goes into the actual collection of the healthy food. Because it’s so easy just to not think about hunger, and then suddenly get hungry, and then be like ?oh, shit. I’m starving, might as well, get some shit food.?

What we need, then, is for someone to tell us just what to eat in the realm of healthy foods. We need someone to write us a list of things to keep in mind and, to be frank, LAWS that we need to follow.

So we’re heading over to today where they are running a list of ?11 laws of nutrition? by their nutrition expert Tony Horton. If the first article is any indication, then it’s going to be something to check out on a regular basis. For instance, his first rule:


This one is pretty obvious. Based on personal experience, I can tell you that it?s important not to treat your food — your fuel — like a religion. For example, some folks are so into eating Paleo–avoiding grains, legumes and dairy — even if it’s not working for them. They don?t feel right, they?re tired all the time, something is missing. Other people want to be vegan. They do great going animal-product-free for 20 years, then one day, like me, they wake up and realize something is wrong. They feel rundown. They aren?t recovering from workouts as fast as they used to. When that happens, you need to be ready to adapt — and the best way to adapt is to add variety to your diet.

Head on over to the link in order to read the rest about what he says about Variety. And then check back there every so often in order to read the other 10 of his rules.

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