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Must-Read: How Not to Raise Kids

Raise those kids. Or don't!

If you’re getting to the age of many of our readers, and ourselves actually, then you may be getting some of those odd pangs that tend to hit most people once they hit this age. You start doing the math, remembering when exactly your parents got pregnant with you, see the state of your career, crunch the numbers of the amount of money you’re making, and see the state of the relationship you’re in… and maybe it’s time for a kid. This is a natural thought to have. But is it something you actually SHOULD be even considering?

No. Of course not! It will be terrible! It’s hard, it’s time-consuming, your life as you know it will be completely gone and, most of all, you would be terrible at it!

At least, that’s what this article over at says. For example, among their many reasons that are all brilliant and make completely sense:

It has been dawning on me lately that I often upbraid my children for vices that I myself share — for instance, gorging on chocolate, nose-picking and indulging in irrational outbursts when short of sleep. In some areas, such as eating vegetables, the children are actually more virtuous than I am. (I generally try to bustle around the kitchen, moving plates around while they scarf their broccoli starter, and then finally find a moment to sit down with a chilled glass of Chablis just in time for the main course of roast chicken. So far they don?t seem to have figured out my strategy.)

And it goes on from there. The whole thing, obviously, is worth checking out. By the time you’re done with it, your next move is going to be heading to the local drug store to pick up a bunch more condoms, because birth control is no joke folks.

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