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Using Flirtatious Suspicion To Attract Her

Today I want to share a cool way to flirt with women that helps them to feel comfortable around you and can quickly create high level of sexual tension. This is a flirting method you can use with girls you just met, longtime acquaintances, or even a girl you are already sleeping with as it is perfect for almost any situation.

Do it right

The idea, is to treat her as though you are somewhat suspicious of her motives or what she is up to. This accomplishes a couple of cool things. First, it shows her that you are not like all the other guys who just want to get on her “good side” or impress her with how high status and cool they are. And second, it opens the doors for a fun and flirty conversation that can quickly get into “naughty” territory?

Here are three examples of how to use this “suspicious flirting” with a girl in real life:

#1) Pretend she is doing something sneaky or against the rules.

Let’s say you’re sitting at a bar eating a chicken sandwich and a girl comes and sits down next you. You turn and she’s looking at you, and you say “did you just steal one of my french fries?” What you’ll find, is that if she’s a flirtatious person she will naturally say something sassy back to you and you have started a fun and flirtatious interaction without getting into the boring crap everybody does. She might say that she did steal a french fry, she might say “no, but now I’m going to! tee-hee” or she might pat your tummy and tell you that she’s trying to do you favor. Of course, she might be in a bad mood, or just not a lot of fun, but this way you get to see where her head is at right away, and if she’s not going to be fun to talk to you can just enjoy your sandwich and the other people around you.

#2) take a “concerned” stance towards her behavior…

Most men treat a woman they are attracted to as if she could do no wrong. They figure that if they act like they really “like” her that she will appreciate it and the feeling will become mutual. However, women cannot respect a guy who lets them do whatever they want. Women secretly crave men who are not afraid to call the shots, and call them out on their bad behavior. If you are just getting to know a woman you can give her a taste of your personal authority, by taking a concerned stance towards her behavior and not appearing overly impressed. This can be done simply by cocking one eyebrow, and asking her she feels all right, telling her “I’m beginning to worry about you”, or hinting that maybe she should slow down on the Cosmos. The trick with this is not to be mean about it, but to playfully tease her in an authoritative way.

#3) Act like she’s trying to get you into bed.

This is a powerful tactic for getting a woman to relax and feel comfortable going to bed with you. While it may be obvious to her that you would like to get her naked you can use conversation to flip things around and joke about her trying to take advantage of you sexually. There are tons of great variations on this. Some examples would be: tell her not to roofie your drink, tell her not to try to turn you on so much, or tell her that she can come back to your place if she wants, but that she is not going to get you into bed on the first date.

The thing to remember with these sorts of flirting tactics is that they can be a natural extension of your own personality. I found that all the guys I know who are naturally great with women use flirtatious suspicion without even thinking about it. As you grow more confident and comfortable chatting up cute chicks, this will begin to feel like second nature to you.

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